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Part Three – Driving More Profit From Your Project

Series: 3 Steps on Taking Your Business from ‘Chaos’ to ‘Control’ 
Guest: Marti Amos from The Professional Builder

Now that you have targeted the right audience and turned them into paying customers through effective marketing techniques, it’s time to drive more profit from your project! This will be a revelation for anyone who feels like they’re losing money on jobs.

How do you maintain your business and run it as efficiently as possible? This topic indeed might seem overwhelming because it already involves internal business aspects (ever thought of unnecessary business expenses?) and continuous customer interaction. The secret, however, will be broken down into manageable steps in this episode.

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About this podcast, ‘Driving More Profit From Your Project’

Podcast Highlights:

  • 06:07 – Three aspects of driving more profit
  • 08:49 – Labor productivity
  • 13:33 – Cost forecasting
  • 14:55 – Cash flow forecast
  • 16:45 – Dealing with numbers and improvements

In the final episode of this series, you will learn how to manage internal business expenses, maintain and maximize employee productivity, and proper business cost forecasting. The secret to driving more revenue is understanding numbers. These numbers will tell a story—a story of what is not working and what suits well with the company.

Driving more profits is more than just generating more leads and sales. The general rule is it lies with labour productivity and budget allocation. Reporting and forecasting would tell you what’s working and what’s wrong with your business. Marti lays down all the techniques he uses for this.

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