We’re always keen to partner with providers that will make our listeners lives easier

The Site Shed's unique audience creates a great opportunity for organisations that share our vision.

The Site Shed private Facebook group is for tradies and contractors. It’s for business owners and those looking to start a business. 

For that reason, we’re very selective about which partners we allow into our community. 

We don’t let people/companies fish in our pond, and if they do, they’re removed immediately, along with any comments, posts, or content they have left in our group. 

Partnerships offer a reciprocal value to parties involved. That means the following:

  1. The Site Shed community
  2. Our partners
  3. The Site Shed / Tradie Web Guys 
Partnerships offer a reciprocal value arrangement. If you’re not interested in reciprocating, then please see our advertising options

Being let into our community...

This is not a forum for you to pitch, sell, or promote your business. 

If you’re allowed into this group, it’s because we value your professionalism and experience and we feel you can add value to the threads, comments and questions that get created. 

Our community are very smart. The majority of them run successful trade businesses and thy know how to contact you privately if they want to. 

If of our our admin team members gets notified that anyone or any business has approached any of our community members to pitch, promote, or advertise, they’re immediately removed along with any of their posts and comments from the past. 

This includes direct messages, trying to obtain email addresses or phone numbers, amongst other things. 

If you want to advertise, that’s 100% okay and we support that with our advertising packages. 

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