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About The Site Shed

The Site Shed is about helping tradespeople get access to information that can help them run a successful business. The vision started many years ago, as a way that the founder Matt Jones, could give back to the industry that had served him so well.

As a former tradesman, Matt knew the difficulties that he faced in relation to obtaining relevant information pertaining to the successful running of trade based business. More to the point, it was even harder to get access to networks and resources that could leverage and the experience and wisdom of those that have trodden the path before.

Live Training Sessions

In addition to the podcast, Matt Jones offers members of The Site Shed’s Facebook Group free weekly training on a range of business management topics via live sessions hosted in the group on Wednesdays.

Each month has a theme and each theme has four weeks of content planned, meaning that every month members get to take a deep dive into important issues and strategies that relate to the success of their operations.

Some themes we have planned for this year include: 

Lead Generation

Hiring and Retention

Time Management

Customer Communication

End of Financial Year

And much more!

Click the button below to check out the roadmap for the weekly live sessions, and make sure to join the TSS Facebook Group so you don’t miss a minute! 

Oh, so you haven’t been to one of business workshops yet? That must suck.
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The Site Shed has done just that… and we’d love you to be a part of it.

Click the button and we look forward to seeing you on the inside!

The Site Shed Podcasts

Recent Podcasts
Preparing a Trade or Contracting Business for Sale

Preparing a Trade or Contracting Business for Sale


In this week’s podcast episode, I have a fantastic conversation on the topic of preparing trade or contracting businesses for sale with John Warrilow. He covers three steps in making your business available to acquire – TVR, Productise, and Systematise. We also talk about what is in the mind of a person looking to acquire a business.

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Applying Micro-Learning With Your Team Site

Applying Micro-Learning With Your Team


In this week’s podcast episode, this is what my guest Aaron Salow and I talk about. We discuss the relevance of micro-learning and how you can apply it to your team. Aaron also shares the framework in creating micro-learning resources that Gen Z can benefit from, including the opportunities for seniors in the field to transition what they know to those under them.

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Communication, Leadership, and Team Building Site

Communication, Leadership, and Team Building


This week’s podcast episode is what my guest, Chris Koch of BDR, talks about. We discuss the importance of communication and how to communicate better in a way that the receiver understands. Chris also talks about why one must be receptive to changes and desire to improve constantly. We also share our thoughts on attracting the right talent and how leaders should not be afraid to train their people, and a whole lot more.

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