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  • FREE Toolbox talks and Site Meetings
  • FREE Toolbox talks and Site Meetings
  • FREE Toolbox talks and Site Meetings


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  • FREE Podcasts dedicated for tradespeople
  • FREE Podcasts dedicated for tradespeople
  • FREE Podcasts dedicated for tradespeople


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About The Site Shed

The Site Shed is about helping tradespeople get access to information that can help them run a successful business. The vision started many years ago, as a way that the founder Matt Jones, could give back to the industry that had served him so well.

As a former tradesman, Matt knew the difficulties that he faced in relation to obtaining relevant information pertaining to the successful running of trade based business. More to the point, it was even harder to get access to networks and resources that could leverage and the experience and wisdom of those that have trodden the path before.

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Imagine if there was a GLOBAL community of trade business owners you could be a part of!

The Site Shed has done just that…and we’d love you to be a part of it.

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tss249 site

The Impact of Technology in Modern Business


In Part 1 of our ‘Creating the ultimate communication framework in your trade business’ series, we have Aaron Salow from XOi, a technology made to support field service companies. With years working blue-collar jobs, Aaron knows what tradie guys need. We talk about the role technology plays in building trust, how to improve adoption, the benefits brought by technology, and more.

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tss248 site

Adapt or Die. It’s Time to Reinvent!

PodcastsStrategic Planning & Development

In this week’s episode, I talk with Nils Vesk of Ideas with Legs. We talk about how businesses should grab the opportunity to redesign and re-evaluate their processes to suit the environment we are in. Nils also shares the importance of reinventing from a customer’s perspective and how to leverage on what you are currently doing, and a lot more.

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tss247 site

How to Make Sure Your Intellectual Property is Safe

PodcastsSeriesStrategic Planning & Development

In this episode with Helen Kay, The Contracts Lawyer, we have an interesting and informative conversation regarding keeping one’s intellectual property safe specifically by registering a trademark.

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