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Technology That Removes Friction and Improves Efficiency

Technology That Removes Friction and Improves Efficiency

In the second part of this series, Marcel shares valuable insights to help businesses streamline their operations using technological applications and devices. It is not technology’s goal to completely replace human contribution. Its purpose is to help business owners with primary concerns like product delivery and communicating with clients.
Upfront Pricing Isn’t Magic, It’s Science and Consistency

Upfront Pricing Isn’t Magic, It’s Science and Consistency

In this series, Marcel dives into the fundamentals of getting paid. For our first episode, it’s all about upfront pricing—it’s science and consistency. How should you set up your company, so you never have to worry about chasing bills? With upfront pricing, you can reduce huge overheads in expenses and chasing debts and, at the same time, cut all your personal, business, and financial stress.

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