Attracting The Right Team Members

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In this podcast, Matt is joined by his good friend Adrian Fadini from Trained To Sell. Both of them collaborated on great podcasts— Guerilla Marketing, Charging For Quotes, and Knowing Your Hourly Rate are just some of the topics he has helped tackle and break down in the past.

Build a Modern Team The Right Way

Succesful people know that making it to the top is never a one-man climb. To scale your trade business, you need to find the right people and build a modern team from the ground up.

The people who you will work with are the exact same ones who will take charge of day-to-day operations when you’re not around.

With that being said, you also need to keep in mind cultural and geographical differences when building a modern team.

To build a modern team is never an easy task. However, it is one of utmost importance in scaling your business.

The success of a business is usually a product of both external and internal growth.

Believe it or not, the people who help run your business should be valued as much as the customers/clients themselves.

The success of a business is usually a product of both external and internal growth.

Specifically, they will be the one to keep the day-to-day operations of your business going while you look for greater opportunities on the business development side of things.

In This Podcast

There are several different ways business owners can build a modern team. According to this podcast, Marketing should not only be done for the customers but to also attract the right people that would want to represent you and work for your business.

Are you interested in working with people who can match the level of passion and determination you have to grow your business?

Do you want the feeling of having people express genuine interest to become part of your team?

Begin to build your modern team today!

Adrian has very generously offered you these amazing business tools for absolutely  FREE.
1. Access to his automated video series.
2. The ‘Discounting Dangers’ matrix, which shows you the dangers of discounting your price (and it also shows you the advantages of raising your prices).
3. Trained Group’s simple overhead calculator.

Make sure you get hold of these tools. They’re game changers!

Please advise that you may also be contacted by Trained Group if you complete this form.
If that’s a problem, don’t complete it.

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The Next Episode

On the next episode of this podcast series, we will discuss the different ways to maintain your team’s motivation levels.

We will tackle the importance of having good team members in that podcast while also looking at how business owners can become a mentor to the people they’re handling.

At the end of the day, attracting the right team members would boil down to what you can offer to people. The key is to not only show your team how money is made but also how one can put it to good use.

Tune in for more podcasts to help you grow your trade business- Only here at The Site Shed

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Matt Jones
Founder at The Site Shed
I'm the facilitator here at The Site Shed. My passion lies in doing anything that helps trade based organisations grow. My other company, Tradie Web Guys, helps tradespeople stand out online, while The Site Shed is all about education and resources.

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