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From A-B with ‘plumberpreneur’ Adrian Fadini.

From successful plumber to sales training guru, learn about Adrian Fadini’s awesome business adventure.

It’s not easy to stand out in a competitive market and it doesn’t get much more competitive than being a maintenance plumber in Sydney. In this podcast you’ll get to meet plumber turned sales training guru, Adrian Fadini as we learn about his journey from running a successful plumbing company, through to when he was acquired and then into what he does today with his company Trained To Sell.

Adrian is a true ‘guerrilla marketer’ and you’ll be amazed to learn about some of the amazing things he’s done in the past to build a brand, grow a reputation and stand out against the competition.

His company, ‘Trained To Sell’ specialises in helping organisations improve their sales process. As a partner of Brian Tracy’s Focal Point Coaching and Excellence Program, Adrian brings his own unique skills to the table in the space of innovative and proven sales techniques.

Reach out to Adrian at the following:

Adrian with former mascot, Plumberto.

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