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Series: Big Business

Cohost: Ben Stainer


Welcome to the Big Business Series with Ben Stainer. Ben formerly ran on of Sydney’s largest service business, ‘Australian Five Star Trades’, which later became ‘General Trades’. At it’s peak, Bens company was turning a million dollars a month, so it’s fair to say that Ben is More than qualified to talk about Big Business. Throughout Bens journey, he’s encountered highs and lows, going through everything from large profits, right through to getting smashed in the media. If you’ve ever had aspirations to build a big business, you’ll love this series as Ben Shares all and drops some absolute bombs along the way. Don’t forget to PLEASE leave us a review on iTunes, Stitcher, or Soundcloud. you have no idea how much it helps us with ratings.

Episode 3: Handling negative media

We’ve all seen the television shows where tradies get picked on for various things. It’s normally current affair style programs that have a disgruntled customers angle on a scenario. As Ben states, the bigger your company is, the bigger a target you become. Your peers don’t like you because you’re taking work from them, if your customers make complaints, it’s rarely dealt with by the technician who was on site, resulting in conflict and that can sometimes result in negative media attention (which they love and thrive on). On two occasions, Ben was targeted by the media. In the first instance, he was not prepared and as a result learned an expensive lesson, however in the second instance, they had built systems around these scenarios and avoided the episode airing. This is great podcast, which can teach you how to be prepared for the worst and avoid getting in those scenarios in the first place. ____________________ Link to episode 1: Running a lean Business Link to episode 2: Building a 12 million dollar business

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