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Don’t fall victim to the laws of the world wide web!

Internet Law 101

With Richard Chapo from

As the internet continues to become a greater part of our lives, so does the legalities that surround the ever-expanding ‘world-wide-web’. It’s amazing (and kind of scary) to think how far the internet has come since it was launched in the eighties and made available to everybody in the nineties. 

It’s really only been around for 30 years and to think where it is currently and where it might be in the next 30 years is kind of terrifying. Most of us use the internet on a daily basis. In fact, most of us depend on it.

I literally couldn’t imagine life without it. I know for certain both of my businesses would collapse without it. Imagine how many others would be in the same boat?

Even as plumbers, electricians and builders, our leads and operations depend on Internet-based systems. Invoicing, management, communications, and a million other things.

But what about the laws that relate to the internet?

How many of us are on top of internet law. More to the point, how many of us are currently breaking those laws and don’t even realise it?

In this podcast, I’m speaking with internet lawyer, Richard Chapo about the forever threatening legalities that surround the internet and the way we use it. 

From email marketing through to the dark web, this podcast covers a vast array of really interesting topics that I’m sure you’ll all get a lot out of. Enjoy the show and enjoy the internet…safely. 

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