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Part Two – How To Sell Your Value And Maintain A Solid Sales Process

Series: Ethical sales delivering healthy margins
Guest: Jon Dale from Small Fish Business Coaching

Pricing is a major problem in today’s world not only for producers and sellers but also for buyers and consumers.

Not knowing how to properly price products can be a hindrance when it comes to selling them and finding the right customers. Even though this is a prevailing issue, it doesn’t mean there are no possible solutions for us. In today’s episode, we will discuss the power of having a sales process and how important it is not to wing this.

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About this podcast, ‘How to sell your value and maintain a solid sales process’

Podcast Highlights:

  • 08:12 – What is a sales process?
  • 09: 47 – How to help clients in implementing processes in their business
  • 12:54 – Two different types of sales processes for trade business—for small and big projects.
  • 18:08 – How do you start with your sales process?
  • 32:02 – How do you talk and deal with decision-makers?

In ‘How To Sell Your Value And Maintain A Solid Sales Process’ episode, our guest Jon Dale comes back to recap the first episode about the issues in the lead trade business. He continues with the discussion of what is an effective sales process and how having one is important for business owners. He also gave a step-by-step method on how to use a sales process in your business or if you want to start one.

It is really helpful to get a grasp of the positive and negative sides of a sales process. We will learn different perspectives on how to apply it in the situation we are currently in, as well as how to derive solutions from the strategies our guest taught us.

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