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Have you ever actually worked out what your hourly rate is?

Series: Selling With Confidence.

Cohost: Adrian Fadini from Trained to Sell

Selling With Confidence Overview.

Sales is NOT a dirty word! This is part three of the Selling With Confidence series, named Selling To The Right Customers, with Adrian Fadini from Trained to Sell.

As a former plumber himself, Adrian has a very unique approach to sales. Adrian founded and sold a Sydney based maintenance plumbing company, named Plumber To The Rescue and since he left that company, he has been able to focus on his true passion of sales.

To hear more about Adrian’s story, go and check out episode TSS059.

In this series, I have asked Adrian to enlighten us with some of his knowledge and teachings relating to sales within the trades. I hear a lot of people tell me they don’t like selling, or they don’t know how to sell correctly, however every trade based organisation on the planet is in the business of sales, so being ‘good at it’, or ‘not liking it’ is of little relevance.

We all need to get over our fear of selling. As Adrian says, “selling is about providing a solution to a problem”. This series of podcasts are coming from a man that has certainly been in the trenches as a tradesman. Adrian managed to achieve in his plumbing business, what most business owners only dream of one day being able to do. Building a business that can be acquired.

Episode 3, Selling To The Right Customers

In the last podcast, we spoke about finding the right customers and in this podcast, we dive into how to sell to the right customers.

Adrian went down that path himself back when he was running ‘Plumber To The Rescue’ and he confirms the turning point for his business was when he was able to re-position himself, so that he targeted a different audience.

“It’s okay to turn away work”, Adrian says.

Understanding who you want to be serving is a valuable revelation as it allows you to not only position yourself a certain way, it also allows you to focus on serving that market with your full attention. You don’t need to be everything to everyone. Often by doing so, you’ll end up being nothing to anyone.

Sit down and work out who it is you want to be working for and then form a strategy around making that happen. if you don’t know what it is you want however, then it’s nearly impossible to work towards it.

Episode 1 – Knowing your hourly rate.
Episode 2 – Finding the right customers.

Adrian has very generously offered to off you these amazing two business tools for absolutely  FREE.
1. The ‘Discounting Dangers’ matrix, which shows you the dangers of discounting your price (and it also shows you the advantages of raising your prices).
2. Trained To Sell’s simple overhead calculator.

Make sure you get hold of these tools. They’re game changers!

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