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Time to start selling like a $30 million organisation?

Cohost: Allan Furguson

If you’re in our awesome facebook community, you would have seen or been a part of many of the discussions that happen in there on selling and how to sell better.

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There’s a lot of smart cookies in that group and there’s a lot of people with a lot of runs on the board in business. Not many, however as accomplished as today’s guest.

For those of you that are worried about this being just another podcast on sales, you’d be wrong. Allan is the owner and CEO of The Omega Group, that’s on their way to turning $20 million a year. They are a plumbing, heating and HVAC company located in Sydney and they’re the real deal.

Allan’s knowledge and expertise led him to set up Service Professionals Australia, which is a company that helps trade-based business owners grow and develop a successful and profitable business.

Allan’s passion s selling and with a company that’s turning over $15 million a year, it’s probably fair to say that he’s pretty good at it. This conversation is in relation to questions that arose in our facebook community and drew a lot of engagement.

It’s a single conversation that I’ve split into to make it a little more digestible for you, so enjoy the talk and if you have any questions in regard to selling, comment in the show notes and I’ll get them answered for you

Anyway, this is part one, so enjoy!

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Allan has left some brilliant tools behind for you guys and girls.

Be sure to grab them below, or from our awesome resources page.

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