TSS098_How to retain your staff

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Knowing how to retain your staff can literally make, or break your business.

Series: How to build a great team
Cohost: Greg Hamlyn from Trades Coaching

In this series, we welcome Greg Hamlyn from ‘Trades Coaching’ back to the microphone to discuss the ongoing battle around building staff and retaining them. In the previous episodes, we spoke about creating roles and positions, we spoke about about how to go about finding staff and in this episode we’re discussing how to retain your staff.

You may remember Greg from these previous episodes, which formed the ‘How to stop competing on price and getting paid for bids, quotes & proposals’ series we conducted not too long ago.

Greg has been working with trade base organisations for a very long time and his expertise is well regarded in both the local Australian market, as well as the USA. With offices and staff in both countries, Greg and his team constantly strive to add value to businesses they work with and in this series, I’m glad to say that some of that value will be past on to our listeners also.

Episode 3. How To Retain Your Staff

I speak to a LOT of companies and business owners, right across the globe and if I was to honestly tell you the number one problem that 90% of these companies have, it’s NOT finding good staff it’s keeping them.

This podcast is an excellent compliment to episode TSS058 with the one and only Al Levi, where he talks about providing not just a job, but providing career options for staff members. Go back and check that out because between the two episodes, I’m confident you’ll be able to draw some awesome conclusions for yourself.

In this podcast, Greg runs through some of the methods that he has personally used in the past, along with some of the methods that he teaches his clients around staff retention.

Greg and the ‘Trades Coaching Team’ have generously prepared these epic business tools for The Site Shed listeners for absolutely FREE.

Make sure you grab them, they’re game changers!

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