TSS058_Staffing Power with Al Levi

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Series: Powering Your Business with The 7-Power Contractor Approach

Cohost: Al Levi from Appleseed Business

Series Overview.

You may recall meeting Al back in Toolbox Talk 46 a couple of months ago. I was so impressed with Al’s knowledge and communication skills that I asked him to come back and collaborate with me on a series to teach a little more of his ‘7 Power Contractor’ philosophy. It’s such an amazing blueprint to getting results and I really wanted him to dive a little deeper into what he teaches.

The thing I love about Al, is that he has been there and done it all. He ran a successful plumbing business with his brothers in New York and he created a system within his own business that managed to entirely remove him from it. So much so, that he now lives in Arizona with his family.

Al, now teaches that system to other organisations and in this series, he’ll be giving you a healthy taste of it.

Episode 3. Staffing Power

I don’t come across too many companies that don’t share similar problems in relation to staff retention.
It’s a common complaint that I hear across the board and I’d be lying through if I said that I’ve not been there myself on both sides of the equation.

Al has a very different approach when it comes to staffing. While growing the family plumbing, heating and HVAC company in New York, Al created an amazing system that created amazing opportunities for his staff, therefore retaining them.

One of my favourite quotes from Al is, “Don’t provide jobs, provide careers”.

It doesn’t get more real than that and in an industry where well trained staff are consistently being poached by other companies, Al boats that was never a problem in his organisation, as even though his staff were being offered more money elsewhere, they had more opportunity to progress within his company.

The biggest deterrent for anyone with a job, is the reality of it being a dead end. I know, because I’ve been there myself.

Episode one – Planning Power
Episode two – Operating Power


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