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Series: Why most family businesses DON’T work.

Cohost: Al Levi from Appleseed Business

Series Overview.

Al Levi, author of ‘The 7 Power Contractor’ returns to the microphone once again to invest his time and knowledge into educating us all about the vast business knowledge he has acquired over the years. Al has been an amazing asset to The Site Shed podcast, already appearing in the following episodes, which you should definitely go check out.

We get to learn about about Al and his background as a plumber in New York City in this podcast.
Episode 46. From A-B with Al Levi

The ‘Powering Your Business’ Series offers an amazing insight into three of the seven specific areas of business that Al teaches in his book, ‘The 7 Power Contractor’.
Episode 56. Planning Power
Episode 57. Operating Power
Episode 58. Staffing Power

In this series, Al is teaching us all about family business and why so few of them work out.
Al grew up working in a family business with his Dad and his two older brothers in Long island, New York and like any family run business, he experienced problems. It was these experiences that led him to develop amazing processes around making family businesses run optimally.
This is first hand knowledge, from a very experienced expert.

Episode 2. Defining roles in your family business.

In a scenario where you have multiple family members working in the same business, it’s critical that everyone knows what their job is. Defining roles and allocating them to specific family members, or employees for that matter is a concise way of making sure that there is no crossover with work that is getting done, while at the same time making sure that everyone is accountable for specific tasks.

For example, if you have someone that is good with numbers, then it makes sense for them to manage account related tasks. While if you have someone that is excellent with people, then it probably makes sense for that person to be in charge of customers service and sales.

Problems arise, when there is a lack of communication in the space of who does what and who is responsible for what. By defining those roles and applying them to the different areas of the Org Chart that we spoke about in the last episode, there is little confusion.

Check out episode one on setting an Org Chart.

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