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About the ‘Grow Your Perfect Business’ series

Welcome to the the Grow your Perfect Business Series from The Site Shed.

This series has been methodically planned to help you through the various stages of business in an order at which (in my experience) they are likely to be relevant.

The whole idea is to leave you with a solid roadmap that you can customise to your business accordingly.

Why? You may ask…
Well quite frankly, in my years of running businesses and speaking with hundreds of amazing business owners, there is one thing that I’ve picked up on that is consistent across the board.

No matter how big or small the business, no one has all of the answers.

Now don’t for a second think that I do…
What I’m trying to communicate is that there is a lot of moving parts to a successful business and getting clarity around them will 100% serve you at some point.

Albeit, perhaps not all at once.
However at some stage, you’ll likely need to address one of the topics that we cover in this series. So hopefully, when that (inevitably) happens, you’ll have a basic understanding of what’s going on.

We’ll be covering a large number of topics, many of which are well and truly ‘above my pay grade’. So as always, I’ve recruited the expertise of specialised collaborators that can shed some light on their area of expertise.

As mentioned already, I don’t have all the answers and I’ve created this framework off my own experiences.
If you have feedback, suggestions, criticism, or praise, please let us know, so we can take it into consideration.

Here are the links to the previous episodes. Make sure you check them out, as each episode ties into the previous.

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Part six of ‘The Grow Your Perfect Business Series’.
This is – Defining Job Roles

This podcast is a repurposed podcast from episode TSS063 with the one and only Mr Al Levi.

I was going to record this podcast from scratch, then I recalled that Al Levi and I recoded an amazing podcast back in July of 2016 as part of the ‘Why Most Family Business DON’T Work’ series on the topic of defining job roles in family businesses.

If you’ve ever heard any of Al’s podcasts you’ll know they’re hard to improve on, so I thought I’d just send that one back out.

The reason for this podcast getting a place in this series is pretty obvious. If you don’t develop a team, you’e unlikely to develop an organisation. And if you don’t have defined roles for your team, amongst other things you’re going to run into some of the following problems.

  • Unaccountability
  • Lack of productivity
  • Lack of direction
  • Task crossover
  • Staff friction
  • Authority problems

Yes this podcast was created as part of a series that has to do with running a family business, however it’s very relevant to any business. As Al eludes to early in the piece, Your business kind of becomes a family and like it or not, you become the parent.

I know you’ll love this podcast because when I released it last time….well, you all loved it 😉

Here’s the links to Al’s previous appearances on The Site Shed:

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