Achieving “Contractor Nirvana” by Building a High Performing Sales Team

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Part Three – Achieving “Contractor Nirvana” by Building a High Performing Sales Team

Series: How To Grow Your Business 30% Year Over Year With Predictability
Guest: Ryan Groth from Sales Transformation Group

Everyone wants to improve, but not everyone knows the tips and tricks for rapid, sustained growth.

Many of us want to learn, so we go to training sessions from self-professed gurus, but most of the time we leave empty-handed. We end up wondering how some entrepreneurs can maintain growth for years while everyone else gets left in the dust.

In this last instalment of this series, Ryan teaches us how to nurture a high-performance sales team. Your sales team is your primary business driver, so you need to build them up to make your business more productive.

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About this podcast, ‘Achieving “Contractor Nirvana” By Building A High Performing Sales Team

Podcast Highlights:

  • 05:41 – What is Contractor Nirvana?
  • 07:15 – KPIs and gamification
  • 09:05 – Celebrating milestones
  • 12:10 – Recognizing and honoring people
  • 16:46 – Setting goals with your team
  • 19:29 – Holding discussions with your team
  • 23:04 – Considering what your team wants
  • 23:44 – Stewarding human beings
  • 28:17 – Holding weekly meetings with the team

Concluding the “How To Grow 30% Year Over Year With Predictability” series, this episode focuses on something that entrepreneurs forget to consider: sales teams.

When you think of techniques to increase productivity, do you also think about your employees? All too often, we become so obsessed with reaching targets that we start to neglect the people who run our operations.

I believe it’s time that businesses take better care of their people. Here, Ryan shows us how we should recognize the efforts of our teams so that we can motivate them to do even better.

He also emphasizes why it’s important to make team members relate to the goals of the company. In the best companies, the goals of the owners and workers all point towards the corporate vision.


About Ryan Groth

Ryan Groth is the founder of Sales Transformation group. He is an entrepreneur, a former professional baseball player, and a certified family man. After his first encounter with contracting, Ryan did not want to take over the family business and instead pursued a baseball career. This became his breeding ground, where he developed his work ethic and commitment to growth. After a fruitful mentorship with a roofing contractor, where he learned all about contracting sales organizations, he started to implement his learnings while teaching and consulting. Eventually, Ryan founded the Sales Transformation Group and is continuously working to help contractors transition from a family business to a professional contracting sales organization.


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