Creating strong referral partnerships

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Series – The Ultimate Referral Marketing System For Tradies & Contractors

Part Three – Creating strong referral partnerships

There are few tradies that don’t take advantage of referrals. I have many clients who literally ONLY get work through word-of-mouth and referrals. 

It’s no secret that leads that come via a referral have a far higher conversion rate. People will always ask others for their opinions and recommendations…especially for home services. 

This series is about helping tradies and contractors create a better referral marketing strategy. If your most valuable leads come from that source, why not double down and do it properly. 

My guest for this series is Michael Griffiths, the ‘Referral Marketing Guru’. A successful entrepreneur in his own right, Michael talks the talk and walks the walk. I will be amazed if you don’t strip pure gold from this podcast series, as Michael dives deep into relating his philosophies to tradies and contractors. 

Want to see Matts’ review of this book? [CLICK HERE]

  1. Part One – Building your referral team
  2. Part Two – How to make the most out of your network

Part Three: Creating strong referral partnerships

So far in this awesome series, we’ve learned how to build a strong referral team and how to leverage those relationships as much as possible. 

In today’s episode, we’re talking about how to develop referral partnerships and structure those relationships in a way that consistently deliver results. 

I took so many notes on the frameworks that Michael discussed in this podcast. It’s really powerful if you’re in a situation where you have friends or colleagues that share a similar market, with a complimentary service, or offer.

Sadly this episode concludes the three-part series we titled, ‘The Ultimate Referral Marketing System For Tradies & Contractors’, however I’m super keen to get your feedback. 

What did you love, what did you not? What will you do, what won’t you do? Hit me up in the facebook group and join the conversation.

Michael has left behind a brilliant resource for you to grab. Fill in the form and get it. 

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Matt Jones
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I'm the facilitator here at The Site Shed. My passion lies in doing anything that helps trade based organisations grow. My other company, Tradie Web Guys, helps tradespeople stand out online, while The Site Shed is all about education and resources.

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