What Do You Want, and How Are You Going to Get It?

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As business owners, most of our focus goes to turnover rates, revenues, and profit margins. However, we often fail to see the bigger picture and realise we’re nowhere near our business’ end-goal. Sometimes, you need to take your foot off the pedal, get in touch with the people that make up your team, and reevaluate whether you are still working towards the goal that you initially set for your business.

In Part 1 of the ‘Strategic Planning For Business Success’ mini-series, we have Kim Archer from Business Development Resourcesa company that provides training and coaching services to the HVAC industry—to share with us the value of communicating with your team and how it is essential in bringing in the right talent. With her experience, she will share with us the essence of rediscovering your personal goals to better advance your business.

Reconnect with your team members and effectively work your way towards your end-goal by tuning in to this episode.

What’s Discussed in This Episode: 

  1. Regularly revisiting your strategies is a big turning point for your business [03:31]
    • Business plans are built to support your personal goals [4:09]
    • Business requires perseverance to get to the end-goal [06:18]
    • It’s not what you turn over, it’s what’s leftover [07:29]
  2. BDR’s journey in the training and coaching industry [09:12]
    • Training vs coaching [11:09]
  3. Who can benefit from today’s topic [11:55]
  4. Recruitment: The biggest challenge to any business [14:19]
    • How to keep the right talent [14:49]
  5. What and how to communicate better with your team [15:15]
    • The goal should be to get bigger, not to increase profit margin [18:37]
    • Unresolved turnover issues hinder business growth [19:41]
    • The essence of sharing your business plan with your team [20:40]
  6. Communicating your mission statement with your team [22:13]
    • The mission statement brings unity in your team [23:38]
    • A good value, mission, vision statement attracts good talent [24:22]
    • Maintaining good energy within the team through effective communication [25:05]
  7. The essence of rediscovering your personal goals [27:37]
    • Breaking those goals down into bite-sized chunks is empowering [29:12]

About Our Guest:

Kim Archer is the Vice President of Profit Coach at Business Development Resources Inc., a company that provides training and coaching to the HVAC industry. Starting out as a bookkeeper, she has then discovered ways on how to drive profit and growth. She now helps businesses in developing best practices to move them forward.



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Thank you for tuning in! 

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