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We’ve learned how to find staff, onboard them and train them. Now let’s learn how to retain them.

Cohost: Al Levi – The Seven Power Contractor
Series – The ultimate blueprint to finding, training and retaining A-Level Staff

If you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, the name Al Levi will be familiar to you.

Al is by far our most requested guest on the show and he’s also been on the show more than anyone. I almost feel like giving him a regular gig 😉

The Seven Power Contractor is his book, which talks about the methodology that he developed while running a New York plumbing company with his Dad and brothers. You can actually get hold of the first chapter of that book through the form below…and I suggest you do because it’s awesome!

Anyway, in this series, we’re talking about staff. We tried to cover all of the important topics and we summarised it into the topics below.

  1. Recruiting your A-Team
  2. Onboarding and training your A-Team
  3. Retaining your A-Team

In this episode, which is the third and final episode of the series, we’re talking about ‘Retaining Your A-Team’.

Staff retention is the one area that most businesses today have huge struggles with. How do you prevent your staff from going to work for someone else, or going to work for themselves?

We spend so many resources and time in implementing what we learned in the last podcast, ‘onboarding and training’, then they just pack up and go.

The big takeaway from this podcast is the mindset shift from offering people a ‘job’ to offering them a ‘career path’. The difference being that a career path is not very often something the next company can as easily offer. A job however in today’s market are a dime a dozen.

In this podcast, we learn how to create a blueprint for your potential staff that help them tie their goals into the businesses goals. At the end of the day, employees aren’t overly concerned with the goals of the business unless it in some way helps them get to where they need to go.

Other episodes from Al

If you’d like to hear Al’s awesome and hilarious story, check out the link below.


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