TSS101_Why you need to be marketing online

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In this podcast, Will and I talk about why in 2016, you need to be marketing online.

Series: How To Grow Your Business With Online Marketing
Cohost: Will Wang from Growth Labz

This was by far one of the best series that I’ve recorded. Not only was recording with Will a load of fun, it was also some of the best actionable content we’ve ever created. In this podcast we’re talking specifically about why you need to be marketing online, however I can guarantee that you’ll be totally blown away by what you hear in this series.

If I can encourage you to do one thing, it would be to go away and apply one thing that you’ve learned.

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Episode 1. Why you need to be marketing online

Let’s cut to the chase here. This is 2016. If you’re not marketing online in 2016, you’re kidding yourself.

We live in the world of “I want this, now”. We don’t wait until we get home to look through the phone book for emergency services. We don’t call around to all of our friends to ask what plumbers they use. We jump on our computers, or cell phones and search the internet for whatever it is we’re looking for, then we buy/order/book it.

Are you catering for that in your business, or are you still running ads in the local paper wondering why you’re not getting the same amount of work that you used to?

In this podcast, Will talks to us about the importance of marketing online. It’s not a case of A is better than B, it’s more a case of A complimenting B. We’re not saying you should stop running ads in the yellow pages if it’s working, we’re merely saying if you’re not also marketing online, you’re missing a huge chunk of the market.

This podcast is 100% applicable to anyone that’s in business. Enjoy part one of the ‘How To Grow Your Business With Online Marketing’ series with Will from Growth Labz

Will has very generously left this awesome marketing guide behind for anyone that wants it. For you The Site Shed followers, it’s absolutely FREE.

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Matt Jones
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I'm the facilitator here at The Site Shed. My passion lies in doing anything that helps trade based organisations grow. My other company, Tradie Web Guys, helps tradespeople stand out online, while The Site Shed is all about education and resources.

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