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Guest: Nick Peardon

“Don’t take advice from anyone that doesn’t have the result you want”.

In this episode, I’m talking with Nick Peardon from Tree Incarnation in Melbourne Australia about his fantastic idea to turn timber that would normally be turned into mulch, or firewood, into beautiful pieces of furniture.

As an arborist (tree surgeon), Nick was used to reducing gigantic trees down to stumps. However one thing he could never get used to was the constant waste of perfectly good timber as a byproduct.

Nick had an idea one day to instead of disposing of the trees through traditional means, he would extend the life of the trees he’s chopping down by turning them into useable furniture.

“So many home owners become attached to the trees on their property and it’s heart breaking for them when we have to remover them,” Nick said.

“By turning these trees into furniture, we’re giving the owners a way to keep these trees in the household”.

If there is anyone out there looking for some motivation in regard to niching yourself, then this is a fantastic podcast.
Nick’s managed to not only niche himself, but also do it in a way that’s in the interest of the environment. Maybe you can too.

You can reach Nick and Tree Incarnation at:


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