TSS047_Get a grip on your financials

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Series: Business Uncomplicated

Cohost: The AMAZING Ellen Rohr

Series Overview.

As humans, we have a tendency to over complicate things. We do it in our jobs, we do it in our relationships and we do it in our day-to-day lives. Sometimes we need to take a step back so that we can see how we’re doing things, in order for us to make improvements.

In this series, I’m joined by Ellen Rohr who you may have met back in episode 42. If you didn’t hear that episode, I suggest you go back and check it out because it was one of our most listened to episodes.
Ellen has had an amazing journey from being ‘the plumbers wife’, to where she is now as the President of the Zoom Drains franchise company.
Ellen has a world of knowledge and has worked with some huge organisations throughout her career, including Wells Fargo bank. She has an amazing ability to communicate in simple terms what most of us would be beating our heads against the wall trying to understand and she delivers it all with a smile and a laugh.
I love any chance to get on the other end of a phone with her and I know you’ll all love this amazing series.

Ellen consults with companies and individuals through her company EllenRohr.com and has generously offered a special gift for anyone that listens to the show at EllenRohr.com/shed.

Episode 1: Get a grip on your financials

In this episode, Ellen talks about the importance of understanding your numbers and how to keep a finger on the pulse.
As business owners, it’s sometimes easier to turn a blind eye to what we don’t want to acknowledge and very often it’s to do with how much money we are, or are not making.

Understanding your numbers is paramount if you plan on making improvements. If you’re not tracking everything that’s coming in and out then you’re setting yourself up for disaster.

Ellen says in this episode, “commit to getting your financials in order”. If you need help to achieve that, then go and seek help. There’s plenty of professionals that can assist you with understanding your figures, it’s just a matter of you seeking them out. Maybe reach out to your accountant, or chat to a coach that can help steer you in the right direction.

Anyway, enjoy this episode.

Click on the image to get a hold of Ellen’s ‘Quick Financial Check’ document. It’s a game change and it’s FREE!!!

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