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Series: Big Business

Cohost: Ben Stainer


Welcome to the Big Business Series with Ben Stainer.
Ben formerly ran on of Sydney’s largest service business, ‘Australian Five Star Trades’, which later became ‘General Trades’. At it’s peak, Bens company was turning a million dollars a month, so it’s fair to say that Ben is More than qualified to talk about Big Business.
Throughout Bens journey, he’s encountered highs and lows, going through everything from large profits, right through to getting smashed in the media.

If you’ve ever had aspirations to build a big business, you’ll love this series as Ben Shares all and drops some absolute bombs along the way.
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Episode 4: Taking money off the table…and investing it wisely.

“The idea of getting into business is to make money” Says Ben.
Don’t confuse the reason you’re in business. Too often we get caught up in what Ben calls ‘the fluffy stuff’ and we lose focus of what we’re doing.

Yes, you have to deliver a great service and a fantastic product, however when you company is making money, you should be talking money off the table.
More to the point, when you’re taking money off the table, you should be investing it in something that can diversify your income streams.

In this podcast, Ben gives some solid advise on why you need to be taking money off the table and what you should be doing with it. Man I wish I had have heard this 15 years ago!


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