Insurance Policies for Tradies: What You Need to Have

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Part Two – Insurance Policies Tradies Need to Have

Series: Everything You Need to Know About Insurance
Guest: Jeremy Andison of Intertrade Insurance Solutions

Let’s talk about insurance and trades paperwork: many of us think that we have the right policies. But in reality, we don’t. Insurance is critical not only in protecting your life and physical self but also in guarding your business.

Life insurance and income protection insurance tend to get overlooked because they sound quite boring. In this podcast, we want to make sure that business owners learn how to protect themselves if something unfortunate does happen.

Today, Jeremy Andison of Intertrade Insurance Solutions joins us this episode. As insurance brokers, Intertrade Insurance Solutions advocates for their clients to obtain the right insurance. If a customer needs to watch a claim, the team is there to help. Jeremy will cover things like motor, public liability, tool, and general property insurance for business owners.

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About this podcast, ‘Insurance Policies for Tradies’

Podcast Highlights:

  • 5:22 – Why talking to a broker is better than jumping online and finding the first available insurance company
  • 5:58 – Reviewing and updating your insurance regularly
  • 6:57 – Things that typically need to be updated
  • 8:22 – What public utility covers and why the insurance must be in the right name
  • 9:36 – What happens if the insurer does not know about the motor accessories and attachments
  • 10:34 – General property or tools insurance vs. motor vehicle insurance
  • 14:53 – What you need to consider in a motor vehicle insurance
  • 15:48 – Getting more value for your money
  • 19:34 – Other matters that public liability covers
  • 24:08 – Why the client needs to know what the conditions are on their policies

In this episode, we learn that Insurance brokers need to have a very detailed understanding of the client. No two clients are the same. They may have the same business and occupation, but the way they do things is very different from one another. One insurance company may seem to have the best policy, but its conditions may not apply to your business.

Business owners, like ordinary people dealing with life insurance, tend to overlook the policies, conditions, and inclusions of an insurance plan. Jeremy walked us through the mishaps some of their clients have experienced, ranging from physical injury and surgery to contractor claims and even something as simple as vehicle accessories claims. Not quite the experience you would want to have if you keep on taking insurance policies for granted.

About Our Guest

Jeremy Andison is the director account manager of Intertrade Insurance Solutions. With over 150 years of combined experience, the brokerage assists their clients with the claims they have with their insurance company.

You can contact Jeremy directly at

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