Safeguarding You and Your Family’s Future

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Part One – Safeguarding You and Your Family’s Future

Series: Everything You Need to Know About Insurance
Guest: Dan Blatch, director of IMFG

We cannot foresee when and what accidents and illnesses will happen to us, as well as our families. Although these situations may be out of our control, there is a way we can prepare for these and protect ourselves from their consequences. And that is through investing in insurance policies.

This is the first episode of the ‘Everything You Need to Know About Insurance’ series. Today, we’ll cover topics such as business-related insurance and how you can create incentives around it to help retain staff. We also talk about family and life insurance, as well as income protection policies.

Tune in to the show to know more about the specifics of investing in insurance and which ones you can get.

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About this podcast, ‘Safeguarding You and Your Family’s Future’

Podcast Highlights:

  • 06:45 – Occupational therapist turned insurance specialist
  • 08:24 – Insurance advising 
  • 10:22 – Why is knowledge about insurance necessary?
  • 12:30 – Income protection policy
  • 19:04 – Factors that contribute to premiums and the type of policies
  • 24:14 – What insurance should families sign up for?
  • 26:43 – It is essential to have regular reviews to ensure that the plan continues to suit your situation.
  • 27:50 – Death insurance policy
  • 29:18 – Trauma or critical illness insurance coverage
  • 33:19 – Three ownership structures of income protection policy
  • 39:04 – Business expenses policy
  • 41:58 – What is quality insurance?
  • 46:37 – Group insurance
  • 49:09 – Policies without underwriting and Statement of Advice (SOA)
  • 50:03 – Employee benefit and incentives

We covered different insurance policies and income protection policies in this episode. I hope you can use what you learned to invest in insurance policies that can safeguard your future.

In the next episode, we’ll be back with Jeremy Anderson to talk about insurance that’s relevant to tradespeople aside from injury and debt income protection. These include topics such as tool insurance, public liability, and worker’s compensation, among others.

We’ve got everything insurance-related covered in this series, so subscribe now and look out for the coming episodes!

About Our Guest

Dan Blatch is the director of IMFG. Dan is a specialist risk insurance adviser who is an expert in providing advice to individuals and business owners on matters of cash flow and asset protection. In his 12 years of experience, he has managed more than 6M AUD in claims, having worked at insurers such as QBE Group and AXA Australia. He has also assisted with risk management in small to medium enterprises, developed market-leading products, and managed claims.

Visit IMFG’s website for your insurance concerns. You can also reach and connect with Dan on LinkedIn.

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