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The Site Shed Podcast turns 100 (episodes) old!
Thanks for being part of the journey.

It’s hard to believe that The Site Shed podcast has reached the episode 100 milestone already.
The first episodes went live on February eight this year (2016) and here we are now, not yet nine months old with 100th podcasts deep.

It feels like a month ago, I sat in my office and drew out a road map that would enable me to add consistent value to my industry. Being able to give back has always been a passion of mine and although we’re able to help a lot of organisations with Tradie Web Guys (the company that funds The Site Shed), we’re able to reach a much wider audience with The Site Shed.

I’m really proud with our efforts to day. Downloads and subscriptions have been great and after only 4 days of being live, The Site Shed hit the iTunes New and Noteworthy category, where it still remains at the time of me posting this blog (October 21, 2016).

Brag rights warning: As you can see in this screenshot, we’re currently positioned seventh, which I might add is four places better than the man himself Mr Tony Robbins.

In this podcast, I take a minute to reflect on the journey we’ve had so far. I give snapshot of what’s currently happening in my world, right before I run through some of the key episodes that we’ve recorded along the way.

I talk a little about the direction of The Site Shed looking forward, including the soon to be members portal and the cool initiatives we have coming up like Learn’N’Ski and Learn’N’Surf.

I want to say a big thanks to our followers and listeners. You guys are awesome. I also want to say a big thanks to al of the guests I’ve had on the show, contributing with their amazing content. You guys (and gals) are incredible.

Lastly, I want to say a big thanks to my editor Flo. Mate, you’re the best and none of this would happen if it wasn’t for you.

If you enjoy this podcast, please leave us an iTunes review and also share this with someone that you think would enjoy the fruits of our labour. It’s not easy creating this much high quality content, but man is it worth it.

Thanks all and ENJOY!

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Matt Jones
Founder at The Site Shed
I'm the facilitator here at The Site Shed. My passion lies in doing anything that helps trade based organisations grow. My other company, Tradie Web Guys, helps tradespeople stand out online, while The Site Shed is all about education and resources.

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The Site Shed is about helping tradespeople get access to information that can help them run a successful business.
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