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Building a Reliable Database

Is data really that valuable to a business? Some may argue it is of utmost importance, some may beg to differ; In reality, it is as much of an asset to your business as you make of it.

Here’s what I mean.

In some instances, businesses tend to overlook the importance of a database which you can depend on. When this happens, recorded data becomes a liability due to the confusion caused by unreliable information.

Successful businesses know how important it is to make sure that the data is not only current and relevant but is also safe from a legal perspective.

Collecting & Using Data

To build a reliable database, you need to completely understand how to collect and use data to benefit your business.

There are loads of sources available to us that enable data capture. Think about all of the programs that we use, email accounts, social media, cell phones, etc. Collating it and using it wisely is the true art form.

How you make use of data can get a little tricky for those who are new to this topic. On the other hand, a higher chance of success can be expected for those who understand proper data usage.

JULY 21 – 28

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In this podcast

I discussed how business owners should collect and use data to take their businesses to the next level. By breaking things into categories, I was able to re-organize the entire process to a more efficient and understandable system.

I encourage contractors and tradie business owners to re-think your strategy when it comes to the collection and usage of data. With the looming changes and adjustments being made in the industry, we need to become adaptable to distinguish ourselves from the competition.

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