The 1 Page Marketing Plan

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‘The One Page Marketing Plan’ with Allan Dib

How this podcast with Allan Dib happened.

I love to read. Business books especially. I just love the wisdom I can extract from them. 

I love them so much, that I recently started a Youtube playlist on The Site Shed’s channel called ‘Book Reviews’

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Anyway, every now and then I stumble across a brilliant book. One that just stands out. ‘The 1-Page Marketing Plan’ certainly did that. I absolutely loved it.

As it happens, Allan’s PR associate saw that I had been doing book reviews on YouTube and reached out to me to see if I’d like to review the book. At this stage, she was unaware that I had already read it and it was on my list of books to review. 

I replied to the email, putting forward the opportunity for Allan to appear on the podcast to try to make the principles of the book more relatable to tradies and contractors…to which they both gladly accepted. 

And so here we are. 

Click here, or the image below to see Matt’s Book review

About this podcast

I asked Allan to apply the philosophies from his book directly to trade businesses in this podcast, which was awesome. The book itself is amazing, however to have the author himself relate his work to the businesses of a tradie/contractor was really powerful. 

I have no doubt that you’ll absolutely love this podcast. It’s the first one of its kind I’ve recorded and I’m absolutely thrilled with the outcome. 

Please leave us a review and some comments to let us know what you think. We’d love to hear it. 

Allan has generously left behind a handful of awesome resources that you can get hold of. Fill in your details and go to the page. 

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