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Wrong Prioritisation of time

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Are you really spending your time in the right place?

Series: The Top 3 Mistakes Growing Trade Businesses Make
Cohost: Danny Kerr from BT Academy

As business owners, we often have to wear a lot of hats. One minute we’re sales, the next we’re accounts, next we’re HR. In this podcast, Danny runs through some frameworks that he teaches that can help you apply your time better within your own schedule and the schedule of your team.

This is part three of the three-part series.
Here is the link to episode one – Attracting the right talent.
Here’s the link to spidoe two – Lack of focus on Gross Profit Margin

Based out of British Colombia, Canada, BT Academy exists to teach businesses how to create a sustainable business structure, using the principles of a franchise model.

Franchises depend heavily on systems and processes, which serves as the fundamental lynch-pin in a franchises ability to operate out of multiple locations while delivering a consistent product/service.

My co-host in this series, Danny Kerr, has a background in franchising. A few years ago, he decided it would be a good idea to educate trade business owners how they can create similar frameworks in their own businesses.

As a result, BT Academy was born and they now help hundreds of organisations, right across Canada and the United States take their businesses to a level that is systemised, profitable and independent of any one person (in most cases the business owner).

In this series, we’ll be talking about what Danny considers the Top 3 mistakes that trade business owners make, from his experience with dealing with hundreds of organisations. Those areas are:

  1. Attracting the right talent
  2. Lack of focus on Gross Profit Margin
  3. The wrong prioritisation of time

If you’re interested in attracting talent, you’ll likely enjoy these past podcasts also:

Wrong Prioritisation of time

If we’re honest with ourselves, there’s a lot of day-to-day business tasks that we’re not good at. In fact, it would be fair to say that we pretty much suck at a lot of them.

It’s not really that hard to understand. Afterall, people are different. Some might like sales, some might like data, some might like leading, etc.

If we can agree on that, then we should also be able to agree that there are people out there that can and would be able to do these tasks considerably better than us…so let’s go find them.

Importantly, what we need to figure out is where our time is best spent.

If your business depends on quotes getting created and your the only one that knows how to quote correctly, then don’t waste your time jeopardising the business on admin. Get the quotes done! There’s someone out there that can do your admin and chances are they’ll do it better than you ever could.

In this podcast, Danny teaches us a method that we can use to figure out what needs to be done, what we need to do ourselves, what we can offload all together and finally, what we can outsource to another member of our team.

This is the final episode of the series, so if you enjoyed it, please do us a favour and leave us a review at your choice of the links below.

No joke, Danny has left behind FOR YOU the most amazing templates, frameworks and business tools, you’ll likely ever get your hands on.

There’s cut and paste templates for hiring and job posting, there are how to videos to follow and there’s even an absolutely incredible figure tracking spreadsheet that took Danny and his team over 50 hours to create…and a video on how to use it. Amazing!

He’s also made some time in his crazy busy calendar for you to have a chat with him and his team, so you can learn how to apply those documents directly into your business. Again, for FREE.

They’ve also got loads more awesome things that they’ll be sending you, so fill in the form, grab your stuff and claim your calendar spot right now!

Just letting you know that BT Academy may send you some more awesome content. If you’re not down with that, don’t fill in this form!

    If you like this content, you should see what else the folks at BT Academy have for you.

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