383 – The Power of Virtual Estimate in Modern Business

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In today’s digital age, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to connect with their clients and streamline their processes. One such innovation that has gained significant traction is the concept of the “virtual estimate.” The recent episode of The Site Shed podcast delved deep into this topic, shedding light on its importance and the benefits it brings to businesses.

Understanding the Virtual Estimate

A virtual estimate is not just about providing a quote or a price to a potential client. It’s about building trust, establishing rapport, and offering convenience. In the podcast, the importance of putting a face to the business was emphasised. In an era where people are accustomed to Zoom meetings and virtual interactions, businesses can leverage this familiarity to their advantage.

The idea is simple: instead of a client waiting for a representative to physically visit their location, they can simply send in photos or have a video call to get an estimate. This not only saves time but also builds immediate trust. When a client knows what to expect and who to expect, it reduces barriers of uncertainty.

The Role of Video Calls in Business

Video calls have become a staple in our daily lives, especially post-COVID. For businesses, it’s not just about communication; it’s about building relationships. The podcast highlighted how sending a photo and a brief bio of the person who would be visiting a client’s location led to a noticeable increase in conversions. This “human touch” in the virtual world can make all the difference.

Brand Positioning in the Digital Age

Every business wants to stand out, but in a digital world filled with noise, how do you differentiate yourself? The podcast touched upon the significance of brand positioning. Knowing where you stand in the marketplace relative to your competitors is crucial. It’s not just about price; it’s about value, trust, and uniqueness.

For instance, a business might think they are high-priced, but without researching their competitors, they might actually be offering the most competitive rates. Understanding your brand and positioning it correctly can lead to increased trust and more business.

Maximising Profitability with Virtual Estimates

The main allure of virtual estimates is the potential for increased profitability. By reducing the time spent on physical visits and streamlining the estimation process, businesses can cater to more clients in a shorter span of time. This not only increases efficiency but also boosts profitability.

Moreover, the podcast discussed the idea of charging for virtual estimates. Finding the right price point can deter non-serious clients and ensure that the business is compensated for its time and expertise.

Key Takeaways

  • The “virtual estimate” is a powerful tool for building trust and rapport with clients.
  • Video calls, when used effectively, can humanise digital interactions and lead to higher conversions.
  • Proper brand positioning is essential in the digital age to stand out and offer unique value.
  • Virtual estimates can significantly increase a business’s profitability by streamlining processes and catering to a larger client base.


In conclusion, the concept of the virtual estimate is revolutionising the way businesses interact with their clients. By embracing this digital shift, businesses can position themselves for greater success in the modern marketplace.

Ready to dive deeper into these topics? Don’t miss out on our full podcast episode with Matt DiBara. Click the button below to start listening!

Video Discussion Points: 

[00:01:06] Virtual estimating process for profitable sales growth.
[00:04:49] Consistent flow of leads helps with selection.
[00:07:49] Virtual or in-person consultations for designing projects.
[00:11:43] Quick response and qualification for low stakes calls.
[00:13:52] “Letting more in, referrals, last look, busy clients”
[00:18:26] Team hesitant, went virtual. Clients liked photos. Owner takes control. Fee adjusted, found sweet spot. Convenient, no charge option available.
[00:21:51] Defining brand and positioning relative to competitors.
[00:25:45] Increasing demand for video communication among clients.
[00:26:37] Zoom rooms improve face-to-face interactions in business.
[00:30:54] Hiring competitors, training, and pivoting strategy


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The Site Shed is one of the best online communities and podcasts for tradies out there. The free content provided to members is unbelievable - offering invaluable advice to run a successful business, and the community of tradies is truly awesome. Do yourself a favour and check it out.

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Great work Matt with all the podcasts and the site shed facebook community group. The amount of information that you can learn for free in this space is unbelieveable. It's great to see like minded contractors and trades trying to improve their businesses and also share ideas and help others. Highly recommend. Thanks!

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I have been listening to the pod casts for a few months now, I can't get enough of all the awesome content that you guys provide. Especially when you guys deliver it from a trade perspective which helps out a lot. Keep up the good work and hopefully one day I can afford one of the trade training trips.

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I own a construction company,and i love learning how to make my bussiness more competitive,profitable and how to better serve my clients. The site shed is a wonderful place to get invaluable knowledge no matter your trade .

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