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TSS057_Operating Power with Al Levi

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Series: Powering Your Business with The 7-Power Contractor Approach

Cohost: Al Levi from Appleseed Business

Series Overview.

You may recall meeting Al back in Toolbox Talk 46 a couple of months ago. I was so impressed with Al’s knowledge and communication skills that I asked him to come back and collaborate with me on a series to teach a little more of his ‘7 Power Contractor’ philosophy. It’s such an amazing blueprint to getting results and I really wanted him to dive a little deeper into what he teaches.

The thing I love about Al, is that he has been there and done it all. He ran a successful plumbing business with his brothers in New York and he created a system within his own business that managed to entirely remove him from it. So much so, that he now lives in Arizona with his family.

Al, now teaches that system to other organisations and in this series, he’ll be giving you a healthy taste of it.

Episode 2. Operating Power

All the planning in the world is useless without action. Likewise, action is useless unless it’s the correct action.

In the last podcast, Al taught us about the importance of setting a plan and working towards collating all of the things that you feel are important and need to be achieved, then funnelling them down into a top 30, then a top 5 list.

In this podcast, Al teaches us how to implement policies and procedures, to get those tasks executed effectively. The reason we create policies and procedures is so that we can get some consistency in the way that we carry out projects within an organisation, while at the same time, taking your intellectual knowledge and turning it into intellectual property.
By doing that, you’re actually building an asset into your company that can potentially be acquired.

Your businesses operation should not be dependant on any one individual. If that is the case and that person leaves, then the business basically falls over. Systems, processes and procedures are there to take the pressure off individuals and allow the business to run regardless of who is currently filling a certain position.

This podcast is a great insight from a very qualified man, that has certainly earned his stripes.


Episode one – Planning Power


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