TSS044_How AdWords fits into the digital ecosystem

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Series: Google AdWords

Cohost: John Curtis from Reach Local

Series Overview.

In my experience of owning a company that builds websites for tradies and contractors, over the years I’ve observed a number of scenarios where people may be familiar with a certain phrase, or word by it’s name, however they’ve lacked a true understanding of what that word represents.

A prime example of that would be websites. Very often when we scope a company, I’ll be told that they need a website because they want to make their phone ring more.
Having a website will help in the sense that now you have a tool that can allow youth be found on a search engine in a direct search, however it’s unlikely that it’s going to make your phone ring unless you apply a marketing strategy to the website.

Another very misunderstood ‘buzzword’ is Google AdWords.
In this series, I’m joined by John from Reach Local as we shoot to break down the myths around Google AdWords and paid marketing. We explore what types of business AdWords suites and we discuss the reality of how much money you need to be spending to make your campaigns affective.
We also discuss how paid marketing (also commonly referred to as SEM and Pay-Per-Click) fits into what I like to call the ‘digital ecosystem’.

Episode 2: How Google AdWords fits into the digital ecosystem

When you hear me refer to ‘The Digital Ecosystem’, I’m referring to the multiple variables that work together to form a product.
Yes a website is a website, AdWords is AdWords and SEO is SEO, however it’s important to understand how they all affect each other.

I’m always preaching ‘Beware of specialists’ and by that I mean the following. If you go to an SEO agency and what you need is an AdWords campaign, chances are you’ll leave with an SEO agency.
Having an understanding of the ‘digital ecosystem’ will empower you to ascertain where you might be dropping the ball in relation to your online representation. It will also arm you with enough general knowledge to not be led astray by ‘specialists’.

This episode brings a close to this series, however if you’re questioning what the next steps are for you and your organisation, in relation to setting a marketing agenda, reach out to us as we can certainly help you make the correct decision.
Likewise, if you’re currently running an AdWords campaign and you’re questioning it’s effectiveness, we can potentially help you improve your conversions and as a result make your dollar go further.

If you need some help with Google Adwords, you can connect with John and his team at this link.

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