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Format:Technical Tips

Topic: Google Apps for Work

  • Synchronised emails across all of your devices,
  • Cloud storage, enabling you to permanently throw away your filing cabinet,
  • Sharable calendars, allowing you to plan both your days and your teams,
  • IP protection with permission setting control on documents and files,
  • Collaborate in real time with Google Docs and Sheets. Plus so much more.

Todays episode marks EPISODE 40 for The Site Shed podcast.

And what a ride it’s been! I though in this episode, I’d try something a little different as there has been a lot of listeners commenting in the show notes, asking for some practical tips on tools they can implement. For many years now, we have been not only using Google Apps for Work, but also setting companies up with it. I move around a lot, so I love the flexibility of being able to access any business related documentation, from any device I’m using, from wherever I am in the world. For example, right now as I type this email, I’m sitting in Winnipeg Canada, referring to a series of work documents that I have saved in Google’s cloud. Every time I create a new podcast episode, I have a folder set up in ‘Google Drive’ that has all of the information and recordings I need to for my podcasts. It doesn’t matter where I am, I can access that information from my phone, computer, or tablet as long as I have internet connection. If you’re someone that likes to keep all of your work documents saved in your office filing cabinet, in this episode I’m presenting you with a paradigm that will change your life and turn your business into a scalable, secure asset. Google Apps will remove these scenarios from your vocabulary, completely.

  1. “Yeah, I have that file on my computer. I’ll email it to you when I get into the office.”
  2. “I don’t have that invoice handy, however I can get the office to send it across.”
  3. “Why are there three versions of this spreadsheet floating about?”
  4. “No don’t let Bob see that document because he might take it with him if he leaves us.”
  5. “I have no idea where Tom is heading first thing this morning, I didn’t put it in my diary.”
  6. “Call the office and ask them to send the job details across to you.”

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