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TSS038_Are you the right person to lead your organisation?

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Cohost: Peter Cox


Welcome to the Leadership Series with Peter Cox.
Peter is an accomplished author and world renowned leadership consultant. He was referred to the show by Allan from Omega Services in episode 22, as Peter has worked closely with Allan and many other trade based companies over the years, implementing his leadership strategies into all levels of the organisations.

He worked with the Manly Sea Eagles from 2005 – 2011 and helped drive a culture of leadership within the organisation.  This was part of the formula that enabled them win two NRL Premierships in 2008 and 2011. Since 2014, Peter has been working with the South Sydney Rabbitoh’s, who, through his leadership strategies, helped the Bunnies achieve their first NRL Premiership in 43 years.

Since 2015, he’s also been working with the Australian womens soccer team, The Matilda’s.  In 2015, they achieved the best result in a World Cup that any Australian team has achieved to date, making the Quarter Finals.

Peter  also works with professional golfer, Taylor Cooper.

Peter has helped one of his client grow their business from $5 million to $100 million in the space in 6 years, so yes, he is very qualified in offering expertise in the space of leadership.

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Episode 3: Are you the right person to lead your organisation?

When we start our business, we’re everything. We’re the CEO, the Director, the CFO, the accountant, the admin, the HR, the despatch, you name it. As our businesses grow and evolve, we gradually begin to offload those tasks to others so that we can focus more on doing what we’re good at less of what we’re not. Leadership, like most things is a skill that can be developed, however there are very often individuals that are stronger than others. This might be because of experience, this might be because of natural ability, however regardless of who they are, the reality of the situation is…IT MIGHT NOT BE YOU! It’s nothing to take offence at, it’s more of a paradigm that you need to come to grips with. Have a look at some of the most successful companies on the planet and you’ll see that the Director/Founder has employed a CEO to lead the organisation, so that he, or she can focus on doing what they’re better at. In this episode, Peter and I dive further into that reality. ____________________

Peter has generously offered a FREE copy of his book, ‘The Dream Is Everything’ to the first 100 people. Fill in the form below and it will get sent to you via email. I’ve read it, it’s a great book.

You can also download a FREE copy of ‘The 12 Leadership Essentials’ at this link. Leading 4 Growth is an online leadership development program, designed to help you develop strong leadership traits. You can contact Peter and the team at Leadership Dynamics on p. +61 2 9525 5944 w.

____________________ Link to episode 1: Allowing yourself to be led Link to episode 2: Finding the right people to lead you

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