TSS030_Building a 12 million dollar business

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Series: Big Business

Cohost: Ben Stainer


Welcome to the Big Business Series with Ben Stainer. Ben formerly ran on of Sydney’s largest service business, ‘Australian Five Star Trades’, which later became ‘General Trades’. At it’s peak, Bens company was turning a million dollars a month, so it’s fair to say that Ben is More than qualified to talk about Big Business. Throughout Bens journey, he’s encountered highs and lows, going through everything from large profits, right through to getting smashed in the media. If you’ve ever had aspirations to build a big business, you’ll love this series as Ben Shares all and drops some absolute bombs along the way. Don’t forget to PLEASE leave us a review on iTunes, Stitcher, or Soundcloud. you have no idea how much it helps us with ratings.

Episode 2: Building a $12,000,000 business

Lots of us have aspirations to make a lot of money, however we don’t always consider the fact that the bigger the business, the bigger the problems. Sure the rewards can be grander, however as Ben discusses in this episode there’s bad that comes with the good, so you need to be prepared. It’s it’s peak, Bens company was turning $12,000,000 a year and in this episode he discusses what comes with that package. The systems that need to be in place, staff, management, customers, becoming a target to your peers and media, etc. Too often we hear only about the good times associated with running a business, which is why this episode is a refreshing and honest portrayal of both the good and the bad aspects, coming from a man that has been there and walked the walk. ____________________ Link to episode 1: Running a lean Business

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