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Author, podcaster, entrepreneur & home service millionaire

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Podcast Highlights

  • 01:10 – 12 states in 19 markets
  • 02:09 – Book – ‘Home Service Millionaire’
  • 06:32 – Learning customer skills
  • 07:34 – From dentist to landscaper
  • 11:32 – Entering the garage door business
  • 15:59 – Becoming a billion dollar company
  • 20:19 – Buying companies
  • 27:30 – Service agreements for recurring revenue
  • 34:29 – I’m an avid reader
  • 40:29 – Systems are paramount to scale
  • 42:40 – Training your team
  • 50:12 – Knowing your numbers and analytics
  • 55:10 – About the book

AUGUST 7 – 17

Limited spots. Don’t miss the boat!

About this podcast, ‘Becoming a Home Service Millionaire’

If you’ve ever wondered what lies in the realm of possibility when it comes to creating an empire from a humble business, this podcast will cast some serious vision.

Garage doors. Yeah, right! Who makes money from installing and repairing garage doors? 

Tommy Mello is who. He’s also one of the friendliest and humble guys you’ll speak with. He wants to help and he wants to educate. A trait that I see regularly in success stories from people that have made it themselves. Absolutely no silver spoon in this story. Just hard work, dedication and passion. 

In this podcast, we learn about his $30 million business that consistently grows 100% per annum. We learn about Tommy’s goals to become a billion dollar company. We learn about his mentors, his strategies and so many other things that have led him to where he is today. 

Tommy is the author of ‘Home Service Millionaire’. A book that he tells me he has put years, of blood, sweat and tears into. And I believe him. In this podcast, Tommy tells me about where he draws his inspiration, the books he reads (he’s a prolific reader), his attitude towards implementation, his marketing prowess and so much more. 

It truly is an awesome podcast. One for the trophy room. I hope you enjoy it and if you do, please share it with someone


Tommy has generously left behind the first chapter of his book, ‘Home Service Millionaire’ for you. 
Complete the form below to get the resource and to hear more from Tommy. 

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