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It’s time to vote Australia.

This coming Saturday, the second of July, 2016 there is a federal election in Australia.

Every Australian over the age of 18 is obligated by law to vote however there is a lot of us that don’t really understand what we are actually voting for.

In this podcast, I have asked Michaela from The Tradies Business Show to join us back on Toolbox Talks, so that she can share with our listeners her insight on the upcoming election.

Michaela is a self confessed ‘political nerd’ and not only does she follow it like a hawk, she also absolutely loves it.

I, on the other hand, have no idea when it comes to politics, however I do appreciate it’s importance and also the importance of our votes when it comes to an election. We all have to do it, so I think it’s valuable that we do it in a way that makes our votes count.

Too many scenarios occur, where people are either guessing, not voting at all, or voting for someone, not understanding that that vote actually goes to another party.

In this podcast, Michaela fills us in (generally) on what the two major parties represent and she also has sound sound advice as to how to go about choosing who you’re going to vote for.

If you’re like me and you’re not politically minded, hopefully this podcast sheds some light on what is for a lot of us, a typically confusing and somewhat inconvenient event.

I know for myself, if it was clearer to me what it is that the various parties represented, it would make voting a lot easier, so I’m hoping this podcast arms you with the knowledge to make your vote count.



You can reach Michaela at The Tradies Business Show.
The podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher and Soundcloud.

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The Site Shed is one of the best online communities and podcasts for tradies out there. The free content provided to members is unbelievable - offering invaluable advice to run a successful business, and the community of tradies is truly awesome. Do yourself a favour and check it out.

Peter Cox Business Man

Great work Matt with all the podcasts and the site shed facebook community group. The amount of information that you can learn for free in this space is unbelieveable. It's great to see like minded contractors and trades trying to improve their businesses and also share ideas and help others. Highly recommend. Thanks!

Ben Hern Business Owner

I have been listening to the pod casts for a few months now, I can't get enough of all the awesome content that you guys provide. Especially when you guys deliver it from a trade perspective which helps out a lot. Keep up the good work and hopefully one day I can afford one of the trade training trips.

Ché Henton Customer

I own a construction company,and i love learning how to make my bussiness more competitive,profitable and how to better serve my clients. The site shed is a wonderful place to get invaluable knowledge no matter your trade .

Michael Mullinax Construction Company Owner

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