Laying the right foundations for your business

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Part Three – Laying the right foundations for your business

Series: Tax Essentials for Tradies and Contractors 
Guest: Tab Burkhalter from The Numbers House

Accounting is one of those topics that is hard to make sexy, but when you learn new tricks, it can make an incredible difference to both your business and your personal life. 

When I started my business journey, I never had any advice or counsel from anyone that had a clue about numbers. I had no one in my corner. There were no podcasts, no amazing facebook communities. Even my accountant at the time was an absolute punish to get information out of.

In this series, Tab dives into three essential areas that tradies and contractors need to focus on. Three areas that I wish I had better understood when I started out. Three areas that we could probably all improve on. 

My advice to everyone, especially those starting out in business, is to learn numbers and understand your finance. You don’t need to be an accountant to keep yourself on track and out of danger. 

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About this podcast, ‘Laying the right foundations for your business

Podcast Highlights:

  • 02:26 – Why you must keep tabs on your books
  • 07:09 – Finding your ‘numbers coach’
  • 13:38 – Asking the right questions
  • 19:11 – The three performance indicators
  • 23:49 – Understanding your strengths
  • 25:27 – Setting goals and planning
  • 30:50 – Make sure you pay yourself first
  • 31:14 – Being flexible and being able to pivot

This the third and final…and arguably the most important podcast in the ‘Tax Essentials For Tradies and Contractors’ series that I conducted with Tab from The Numbers House.

This podcast is all about building the right financial foundations so you can grow steadily. Having clarity is so important. If you understand what your objectives and goals are, then you’ll have a chance of hitting them. If you don’t lay the right foundations, however, you have no chance. 

I hope you got a lot out of this podcast and this series. I know I did. 

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