Surf'n'Learn 2019


August 7-17 2019


 Come join like-minded businesses owners on 
The Site Shed’s second ‘Surf And Learn’







While on a weekend ski trip in Australia a few years back, Matt and a couple of his builder friends started talking about how good it would be if it was possible to travel to some of the worlds top ski and surf locations, but do it as a business expense.

As a former plumber, Matt totally understood the frustration of running a business that’s tied to a location. Of course, there are lots of positives also, however one thing that is quite restricted is the ability to travel.

I know how hard it is to get away when you’re a business owner. Business commitments, family and life in general get in the way. Not to mention the guilt of not spending that time and money in a way that benefits your business.

I developed this program as a way for tradies and contractors to have their cake and eat it.

You can now travel to world class locations, with an awesome group of like minded people, while also learning and applying skills that will help you grow your business.

Who wouldn’t want to do that?

– Matt Jones



Primarily, this event is for people that work in a trade business (plumbing, building, electrical, etc). You’ll likely be either the business owner, a manager, in the marketing department, or someone within an organisation that is looking to advance their skills for the benefit of themselves and their organisation.

You’d probably enjoy travel and in this instance, as we’re going to the Maldives, you’ll probably enjoy water-related sports like swimming, surfing, snorkelling, etc.

We’ll be on a kick-ass boat for ten nights…so you’ll probably want to be okay with boats.

If you enjoy meeting new people, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to network and collaborate with people just like yourselves from lots of different locations and markets. On previous trips, we’ve had Australians, New Zealanders, North American’s, Europeans and people from all types of backgrounds.

You’ll enjoy relaxing, being cooked for and probably a few cold beers after a long ‘sun-filled’ day 😉

You’d be the type that likes to learn and improve. What we’ll be teaching may be new to you, so you’ll need to have an open mind and go in with a ‘teach me new things’ attitude.

You’ll need to be comfortable with stepping away from the business for a few days. Sure you’ll be able to connect to the internet and cellular phones will work, however you’ll be in a different timezone.

If that kind of sounds like you, then you’re in the right place.


  • This is an amazing opportunity to attend a tax-deductible business workshop in one of the worlds greatest locations.
  • You’ll learn new skills that can help you advance your business.
  • You’ll network with like-minded people from both in your market and in others. That means there’s potential to do business…it happens on every trip.
  • You’ll experience a truly ‘bucket-list’ trip that very few people in the world ever get the chance to experience.
  • If you’re a surfer, you’ll get to surf some of the most perfect waves on the planet. Just look at last years photos for proof.
  • If you’re a diver, you’ll be travelling to one of the worlds premier dive locations. Scuba and free diving are available. 
  • Did I mention, it’s a business expense?


Haira is freaking RAD. Sleek, fast and exceptionally experienced in Maldives surfing. Haira travels to a flexible schedule based on our ongoing live assessments of surf forecasts. There is a great chef on board who whips up a storm three times a day., It actually feels like you’re constantly eating. With our onboard local travel guide, Shabs and the experienced captain and crew, the Haira is a portable surfing mecca.

100ft in length, this vessel was designed with a focus on guest comfort and enjoyment. There is a spacious restaurant, bar & lounge. This area is equipped with an entertainment system – including large flat screen TV, DVD player with connection for your iPod/iPhone.

The seven roomy and individually air conditioned guest cabins are all equipped with adjoining ensuite bathrooms, which are cleaned daily. 

Haira is a four level vessel. The restaurant, bar and galley are on the second level. This level is fully air conditioned with glass windows all around for uninterrupted views. Level three is a great chill zone with a karaoke bar and cane lounge chairs on the sunset deck. The level four rooftop is equipped with comfortable deck chairs for relaxation. In total there are five sundeck areas on Haira…all of which you’re free to jump off at will 😉

Recently re-fitted, Haira will cater to all the needs of a crew of surfers on their Maldives surf escape. It’s totally awesome.


  • Built: January 2007. Re-fitted 2013. Renovated 2018
  • Length overall: 28M
  • Hull Type: Wood
  • Beam: 60 M
  • Draft: 60 M
  • Main Engine: 350 HP CUMMINS Marine Engine
  • Cruising Speed: 12 knots
  • Power supply: 24hrs 220volt/50Hz A/C, 2 sets KOHLER sound proof generators (combined 63 KW)
  • Water supply: Aqua Tec Desalination Plant 6000 Lts storage tank 4000 Lts, hot water system
  • Safety Equipment: First Aid Kit, Fire extinguishers, Life Jackets
  • Nautical Equipment: radio set. VHF, GPS,
  • Decks: large top sun deck – deck chairs available. Open terrace deck (2nd level) Seats on 2nd level deck are sun/rain protected.
  • Saloon: Spacious salon with LCD 40” TV, Hi-Fi System, DVD player
  • Cabins: 7 comfortable, air-conditioned double/twin cabins, each with port holes. All cabins with en-suite shower, hot and cold water and toilet.
  • Accommodation: Lower deck – 4 cabins with a double bed and a single bunk in each cabin, 2 cabins with 2 single bunks in each cabin and 1 cabin with a double bed. Upper deck – 1 guide cabin with a double bed.
  • Total capacity: 20 persons in 8 cabins
  • Kitchen: Table top cookers02 Freezers / 02 Refrigerators. Full board (3 meals a day) consisting of a balanced mixture of international and local cuisines served buffet style. Complimentary tea, coffee & mineral water served all day.
  • Bar: The saloon bar offers a wide choice of fresh fruit juice, soft drinks, cocktails, liquor, wine and beer.
  • Crew: 7 crew members including Skipper & Chef


  • Airport Meet & Greet
  • Airport return transfers to surf charter vessel
  • Specialised surf guiding and forecasting based on local guide’s insight and experience
  • Unlimited surf transfers (and there is a lot)
  • Photography package
  • Snorkelling and fishing trips
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily
  • 1.5 lt Bottle of water per person per day
  • Excursions to local islands
  • Complimentary Tea/Coffee
  • 12% Maldivian G.S.T. and Green Taxes


  • The Dhoni support boat and dinghy, which provides the ultimate flexibility, with the ability to split groups between different breaks. Also, the Dhoni can leave super early for dawn sessions and stay late for sunset surfs, while the main boat remains safely on the night moring.
    The Dhoni can also be used for fishing, snorkelling and day trips.
  • Fishing. There is some gear on board, however some guests like to bring their own.
  • Expert surf guide. ‘Shabs’ is a Maldivian guy with loads of knowledgeable and experience. He is in close liaison with the captain throughout the trip, making sure that wherever we go, you’re hitting the best spots with the least crowded waves. The boat is fully equipped with surf forecasting tools and tech.

Haira provides a comfortable, spacious and fast travel between the atolls. The level of food and service is very good and the crew is very used to working with groups.


  • Flights
  • Insurances
  • Alcohol (you can buy it on the boat)
  • Tips to crew (usually USD$10/day/passenger – $100)


  • Save 10% by paying upfront – $3,850
  • Or, two payments – Deposit $2,235 (due now)
    – Balance – $2,000 (due – 90 days before departure)



In the wake of Ski and Learn 2018 in Furano, Japan, we received so much amazing feedback about the program content, we’ve decided to elaborate further on the topic of Organisational Structure. 

We’ll be covering the following areas:

  1. Org Charts & structure
  2. Departments, Roles, Responsibilities
  3. Team on-boarding and training
  4. Business process storage and creation

Tools which will be explored:

  1. Project Management
  2. Intranet (internal internet)
  3. Communication tools
  4. Cloud storage


The Maldives Surfing Story

The Maldives surfing story started with the chance shipwrecking of an Australian adventurer in the early 1970’s. A well guarded secret for nearly 15 years, eventually the treasures of these atolls were beginning to be enjoyed by travelling surfers and locals alike.

Whilst there are many well-known breaks, hidden gems remain for those with the local knowledge and understanding of these complex atolls.

Maldives Waves

The Maldives has a bit of everything – long playful walls, hot dogging waves to barrelling runners. The lips tend to be less thick and the reefs less gnarly than many other tropical surfing destinations, meaning less serious injuries.

Generally touted as less intense than say Fiji or Indonesia, Maldives waves can still pack a punch. Amazing options abound for all levels of surfer. We don’t detail all the well known spots – there is plenty of info on these available – it is the lesser known setups that can make the real difference.

Maldives Surfing Zones

The Maldives atolls are generally separated into 3 distinct surfing zones. Each fires up under specific conditions, favours particular weather patterns and performs according to specific seasonal differences.

In order to get the best out of your Maldives surf charter, a vessel with a knowledgeable locally experienced guide and crew is the key. There is so much at play with local weather and tidal patterns – so much more than can be determined by merely checking an online surf forecast.





This time around, we’re escaping the crowds. 


Click here to download a map of the Maldives 



Do I need to be a business owner?

Not at all. It’s a business workshop and you’ll be learning business content, which is relevant to anyone working in a business.

Can I bring a friend/colleague?


Absolutely. If you want to bring your team, or if you want to get a group together, got for it. There was a group of friends from Melbourne at the last one in New Zealand.

Do I have to be a good surfer?

You don’t need to surf at all to enjoy this trip. You’ll be cruising around a tropical atoll on a luxury yacht, so you can do whatever you like if you’re not a surfer. There were two attendees in 2018 that didn’t surf at all.

Do I have to surf?

You don’t have to surf if you don’t want to. There’s loads of diving around, or you can just relax on the boat with a few beers if that’s your thing. Last year we even had mobile massage therapists come to the boat. 

Can I bring members of my team?

Absolutely. You can bring whoever you like…provided there are enough tickets.

Can I bring my spouse?

Sure. I dare say a few of the attendees will be using this trip as a perfect excuse to take the Mrs away. Why not get in the good books?

What's the deal with flights?

Flights normally go through Singapore or Malaysia. You’ll get more info on that as we get closer to the date.

What is the currency and how much money should I bring?

The Maldives operates in $USD (ridiculously), however you’ll struggle to spend it on the boat. I recommend you take about $500 to be safe. Unless you’re spending on diving and things like that, it won’t cost you much. Average bar tab was about $150 each last time around. The boat has card facilities also. 

Is there additional costs?

Alcohol and espresso coffee is extra and it all goes on your tab to be paid at the end of the week. Other activities/experiences will cost also, like scuba and massage, etc. Otherwise, the boat has everything you need. 

Are the deposits refundable?

The deposits will be going directly to reserve the boat and the crew, so if you pull out, you’ll only get it back if someone fills your spot.

Is there phone and internet access over there?

Yes. Phones work there on either local data plans or global roaming. You’ll be able to connect to the internet in most places through WIFI or data and the boat has WIFI too. 

How do I get there?

Flights will normally go to Male, through Hong Kong or Singapore. It’s a fairly easy trip.

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