The Success Journey of a Mid-sized Electrical Company

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The Success Journey of a Mid-sized Electrical Company

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The funny thing about success is that people think of it as an overnight thing instead of a journey. Most people don’t see the hard work that owners and the team have put in to thrive. It is important to note that many factors are in play when it comes to success, and only those who are willing and disciplined enough will get to taste and experience it firsthand.  

In this week’s podcast episode, I talk with Sam Friend, the managing director of Stag Electrical. Sam shares how Stag Electrical started and how it has evolved to become the company that it is today. Sam talks about what it took to expand their services and why he thinks a business’s biggest asset is its staff. He also discusses the importance of marketing and what he envisions the company to be like in the future. 

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What’s Discussed in This Episode:

0:00 The Elevation Program  

4:20 How Sam started Stag Electrical  

8:58 How Sam’s experience in industrial electrical projects influenced his operations 

10:05 Implementing systems with the team 

11:05 What does ‘grow’ mean?

12:16 Expansion of services 

14:16 Facilitating logistics 

16:00 Team building, staff, recruitment 

17:35 Staff as a business’s biggest asset 

20:58 Giving your team a voice during toolbox meetings

23:02 Mindset or process on how to get feedback from guys on the ground

25:41 Designing vision and goals for Stag Electrical 

27:44 Improving the onboarding process

28:51 Sam’s leadership journey and evolution 

34:16 Consistency in processes 

36:42 Sam talks about what he’s doing in his business nowadays 

43:03 Google Ads and marketing 

50:06 Where Sam sees Stag Electrical in the future  

About the Guest:

Sam Friend is the managing director of Stag Electrical Solar & Refrigeration. The company was established in 2007, and Sam has slowly grown it through refining processes along the way, ensuring a solid foundation guaranteeing they will still be here for years to come. 

The company’s team of 22 have over 13 years of experience providing expert customer service. They currently offer their services across two states ACT and NSW and have offices in Canberra and Young servicing Murrumbateman, Temora, Cowra, Yass, Boorowa, Cootamundra, Grenfell, and Harden.



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