Why Hiring for Skills is Killing Your Business

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Businesses, no matter the type and purpose, need employees to complete certain tasks or activities. These workers are part of the process that keeps the business rolling. Hence, hiring someone fit for the position, not only because of the skill and competence, is very important for the business to grow. 

In this third and last episode of the Creative Recruiting series, Ryan and I will conclude this informative conversation with recruitment key points and takeaways. We will talk about why you should hire people with the right attitude, why your company’s core values and the applicant’s personal values need to be aligned, and why a bad hire is costly. 

Tune in now to be more informed in your next recruitment campaign plans.

What’s Discussed in This Episode:

03:55 Hiring for attitude not experience 
07:05 Always continue recruiting and looking for talent 
08:04 Recruitment is similar to customer marketing 
10:10 The Bench Process 
12:59 Values alignment matters during the hiring process 
16:02 Behavioural assessments 
18:04 Interviews look at the cultural fit of the applicant What is the cost of a bad hire 
22:06 Summary of the episodes and this series 

About the Guest:

Ryan Englin is the CEO of Core Matters, an organisation focused on developing the recruitment systems and processes of different businesses. With over ten years of professional experience in the field, Ryan has provided strategic and marketing assistance to different companies. He coaches businesses on the right ways of attracting the right people, and has created unique approaches to develop and maintain systems for independent contractors in the industry. Ryan aims to help companies find the perfect fit in their growing team of professionals.


Books mentioned in this episode:

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