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How to Win More Work with Less Effort by Selling versus Bidding


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Part One – How to Win More and Work With Less Effort by Selling Versus Bidding

Series: How To Grow Your Business 30% Year Over Year With Predictability
Guest: Ryan Groth from Sales Transformation Group

The sales process can feel like a routine. There are times when clients do not necessarily know what they want. In turn, contractors can fall into an endless cycle of estimating, bidding, and preparing presentations only to be ignored. Then the cycle continues.

This context applies not only to a contracting business. Wherever you are that deals with people talking with each other, valuing time and effort should be commonplace. We should be able to evaluate the worth of our time and efforts into every step.

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About this podcast, ‘Driving More Profit From Your Project’

Podcast Highlights:

  • 06:07 – Three aspects of driving more profit
  • 08:49 – Labor productivity
  • 13:33 – Cost forecasting
  • 14:55 – Cash flow forecast
  • 16:45 – Dealing with numbers and improvements

In the first part of this series, we delve deep into the bidding versus selling process. We need to see business from a new perspective instead of just making the calls, crunching numbers, and passively waiting for results to happen. You will learn as much as I did about creating relationships rather than just gaining clients.

Instead of giving the cost of service, project how much a problem is going to cost if it is not solved. This practice is what you call sound selling. To create a feeling of urgency, I suggest that you take a moment to step back. Do not just identify how you compare with your competitors. Make your efforts worth your time. Sales milestones and practicing how to get better at your craft every day are integral parts of your success. Remember, success does not happen overnight.

Drawing from a sports analogy, Ryan points out that sales is like playing baseball. Pitchers and catchers work in harmony and set their goals to provide a foundation for their team to win.

Similarly, you do not just turn up and expect to hit the ball out the park —you take strategic steps – and you practice, practice, practice…


About Ryan Groth

Ryan Groth is the founder of Sales Transformation group. He is an entrepreneur, a former professional baseball player, and a certified family man. After his first encounter with contracting, Ryan did not want to take over the family business and instead pursued a baseball career. This became his breeding ground, where he developed his work ethic and commitment to growth. After a fruitful mentorship with a roofing contractor, where he learned all about contracting sales organizations, he started to implement his learnings while teaching and consulting. Eventually, Ryan founded the Sales Transformation Group and is continuously working to help contractors transition from a family business to a professional contracting sales organization.


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