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You can watch this recorded training below.

Series – How to escape the $1-3 Million ‘Nightmare Zone’ to reclaim your business and personal life.

Part One – Productivity. Be a master of it, not a slave to it.

Rob and the team at Pravar Group run some seriously good business programs for trade businesses. Their speciality is taking businesses that are turning $2-3 million and taking them to the next stage. 

Over recent months, I’ve been getting to know Rob and Pravar Group and I love their complete dedication to helping businesses stay focused on the important metrics. Their attention to detail when it comes to understanding numbers is amazing.

There are few businesses on earth that wouldn’t benefit from the principles they teach and luckily for us, in this series, Rob goes above and beyond in helping us better understand three of the major obstacles that he says causes businesses to get stuck in what he calls, ‘the $1-3 million nightmare zone’.

  1. Part One – Productivity. Be a master of it, not a slave to it
  2. Part Two – Performance. Leverage through effective people power
  3. Part Three – Profitability. Get your financial house in order

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You can watch and follow along with this episode on the video below 😉

About part one: Productivity. Be a master of it, not a slave to it. 

Very few of us can confidently say that we are as productive as we can be. 

Over recent months, I’ve been going through some incredible changes in relation to being more productive. Over the years, I’ve really struggled with it from time to time and I know from my time as a plumber, there were things that could have been done so much better in retrospect. 

In this podcast, Rob beautifully articulates the difference between being ‘busy’ and being ‘productive’. I know for years, I always thought they were the same thing, however recently I’ve learned that being productive has nothing to do with being busy. 

In fact, very often, being productive will lead to the opposite. I have found that the more productive I am, the more time I have because I’m spending focused time on doing things that are important and I have my team do the things that were keeping me ‘busy’.

My advice to you, is watch or listen to this training and go and make some actionable tasks for yourself to improve your productivity. It’s been life changing for me and I know it will be for you too. 

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Rob and the team at Pravar Group have left behind an insane amount of resources for you to grab and implement. This barely scratches the surface of how good their stuff is so go grab it!

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