The Site Shed is a fully dedicated podcast for tradespeople, exploring everything from technology in the workspace, right through to apprenticeships and current affairs. With regular guest appearances from industry experts, success stories and many various co-hosts, you’ll learn more that you’ll be able to retain!

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The Impact of Technology in Modern Business


In Part 1 of our ‘Creating the ultimate communication framework in your trade business’ series, we have Aaron Salow from XOi, a technology made to support field service companies. With years working blue-collar jobs, Aaron knows what tradie guys need. We talk about the role technology plays in building trust, how to improve adoption, the benefits brought by technology, and more.

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Adapt or Die. It’s Time to Reinvent!

PodcastsStrategic Planning & Development

In this week’s episode, I talk with Nils Vesk of Ideas with Legs. We talk about how businesses should grab the opportunity to redesign and re-evaluate their processes to suit the environment we are in. Nils also shares the importance of reinventing from a customer’s perspective and how to leverage on what you are currently doing, and a lot more.

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How to Make Sure Your Intellectual Property is Safe

PodcastsSeriesStrategic Planning & Development

In this episode with Helen Kay, The Contracts Lawyer, we have an interesting and informative conversation regarding keeping one’s intellectual property safe specifically by registering a trademark.

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How to Make Sure Your Business is Ready for Sale

PodcastsSeriesStrategic Planning & Development

In this episode with Helen Kay, The Contracts Lawyer, she emphasises the importance of getting help from experienced professionals to help with the sale of one’s business and the tasks that business owners can do themselves to make sure the sale goes smoothly.

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How to Make Sure You Get Paid


In this podcast episode, we will talk with Helen Kay, The Contracts Lawyer. She is going to enlighten us by providing helpful tips on how to get paid.

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Equipping Your Business to Emerge from the Coronavirus Pandemic Stronger


In this episode, Al and Ellen provide practical help to all business owners who are struggling now. They believe that something, in fact, a lot of things can still be done to emerge stronger after this crisis.

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How to Obtain Winning Reviews for Your Business


In this episode, we put the spotlight on reviews and testimonials. Joe Mikitish is with us today as we dive into the entire landscape including how to obtain reviews, where to put them up, and making them a part of your process.

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Overcoming Your Content Creation Fears and Getting It Done


In Part 3 of our ‘Mastering storytelling’ series, Dan and Dani from The Block and Healthy Homes Australia are back once more to help our listeners overcome their fears and get their content done.

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Creating a Content Creation Plan


In Part 2 of our ‘Mastering storytelling’ series, Dan and Dani talk about building out the content creation strategy including who to involve, tools to use, and how to deploy it.

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