The Site Shed is a fully dedicated podcast for tradespeople, exploring everything from technology in the workspace, right through to apprenticeships and current affairs. With regular guest appearances from industry experts, success stories and many various co-hosts, you’ll learn more that you’ll be able to retain!

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Upfront Pricing Isn’t Magic, It’s Science and Consistency

PodcastsSeriesStrategic Planning & Development

In this series, Marcel dives into the fundamentals of getting paid. For our first episode, it’s all about upfront pricing—it’s science and consistency. How should you set up your company, so you never have to worry about chasing bills? With upfront pricing, you can reduce huge overheads in expenses and chasing debts and, at the same time, cut all your personal, business, and financial stress.

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How Darren 4-X’d His Electrical Business In 7 Months

PodcastsStrategic Planning & DevelopmentSuccess Story

In this episode, Darren shares his transition from being an electrician to a business owner. He emphasizes the importance of seeking the help of a business coach who can guide you to grow your business, just like he did with Hiscocks Electrical. He also sought other guides such as business books to help him change his perspective about business.

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Achieving “Contractor Nirvana” by Building a High Performing Sales Team


In this last installment of this series, Ryan teaches us how to nurture a high-performance sales team. Your sales team is your primary business driver, so you need to build them up to make your business more productive.

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Optimizing for an Ever-Growing and Juicy Sales Pipeline


In the second episode of the series, Ryan discussed what businesses need to know about sales pipelines and how it can help them grow. Owners, especially those who are just starting in the business world, need to be relatable. Potential customers need to see that businesses engage with the community because they have other goals aside from profit. When potential customers see this, they become more eager to transact with such companies.

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How to Win More Work with Less Effort by Selling versus Bidding


In the first part of this series, we delve deep into the bidding versus selling process. We need to see business from a new perspective instead of just making the calls, crunching numbers, and passively waiting for results to happen. You will learn as much as I did about creating relationships rather than just gaining clients.

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You’re Never Too Old to Learn Something New


In this podcast, we will stray from the usual talk of business and productivity to sit down with David Griffiths. He shares with us his experiences as we explore the idea of what it means to pursue your passion regardless of arbitrary limitations like age.

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How to Build a Business That Runs Without You

PodcastsSeriesStrategic Planning & Development

Businesses of any size, at some point, will need to create systems, especially if they have any intention of growing and scaling. Creating an operation manual and having an established organisational structure are fundamental steps to having the right systems in place with the right people you need.

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Driving More Profit From Your Project

PodcastsSeriesStrategic Planning & Development

In the final episode of this series, you will learn how to manage internal business expenses, maintain and maximize employee productivity, and proper business cost forecasting. The secret to driving more revenue is understanding numbers. These numbers will tell a story—a story of what is not working and what suits well with the company.

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The ultimate process for removing yourself from your trade business


In the second episode of this series, our guest Marti Amos is back to tell us all about systematizing. He shares how it can help free up your time so you can work on the more critical aspects of your business. We go over the essential things to consider when you set up your systems and tools you can use to make your work easier.

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