The Site Shed is a fully dedicated podcast for tradespeople, exploring everything from technology in the workspace, right through to apprenticeships and current affairs. With regular guest appearances from industry experts, success stories and many various co-hosts, you’ll learn more that you’ll be able to retain!

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Celebrity Tradies Dan and Dani from The Block and Healthy Homes Australia

PodcastsSuccess Story

Joining Matt Jones in this podcast are Dani Wales and Dan Reilly from the television show, The Block, Dani and Dan shares with us their entrepreneurial journey on and off the camera. They talk about their wins and challenges and what they’ve done to keep their boat afloat.

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Everything You Need to Know About Insurance Panel Discussion

PodcastsSeriesStrategic Planning & Development

Drawing a close to the ‘Everything You Need to Know About Insurance’ series, today’s episode will be a panel discussion, and we’re back with insurance specialists Dan Blatch and Jeremy Andison. In this episode, we will help you understand the differences and crossovers with the insurance policies we discussed in the first two episodes.

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Insurance Policies for Tradies: What You Need to Have

PodcastsSeriesStrategic Planning & Development

This is the second episode of the ‘Everything You Need to Know About Insurance’ series. Today, Jeremy Andison and I talk about how having the right policies in place is critical not only in protecting your life and physical self but also in guarding your business.

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Safeguarding You and Your Family’s Future

PodcastsStrategic Planning & Development

This is the first episode of the ‘Everything You Need to Know About Insurance’ series. Today, we’ll cover topics such as business-related insurance and how you can create incentives around it to help retain staff. We also talk about family and life insurance, as well as income protection policies.

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tss230 site

How to Become a National Award-Winning Trade Business

PodcastsSuccess Story

In this episode, we’re talking with Tom Martin of Water Tight Canberra, which won the ‘Small and Succeeding’ category of the 2019 ACT Telstra Business Awards. Today, we’ll cover the right mindset and foundation behind this win. We’ll also talk about the role of education and being agile in business and how building to scale looks like.

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tss229 site

The 20-Year Journey to Becoming a Successful Builder

PodcastsSuccess Story

Mathew Dale of MPD Constructions Group joins us in today’s episode. He will talk about casting a vision for your business and how to make the right decisions in every situation. He will also talk about the importance of learning and adapting to give your business the best possible chance.

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tss228 site

How to Build a Successful Business in a Small Town

PodcastsSuccess Story

In today’s episode, we talk with Kristin Keogh, who has been applying the small business mindset to his business. Like you, he began his business with nothing. But his goals and aspirations kept him going.

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2020 is here. Let’s blow it APART!


With the arrival of a new year, we’ll have a rundown of what’s to come in 2020 on The Site Shed Podcast and the things that we are rolling out. With the recent events that have been happening, let’s not lose hope and let’s claim 2020 to be a fantastic year.

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Using LinkedIn to Create Business Opportunities


Today’s episode is the third and final instalment of our LinkedIn series with the Underdog Agency founder, Jacob Bracey. In the last episode, we talked about understanding the value of LinkedIn as a platform. In this episode, we’re here to talk about engagement and outreach strategies that work.

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