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It pretty much says what it does on this page, however please take note, as the things I mention on this page and in that email are important. 

Firstly, so that neither of us forgets, I have set up some reminders to go out in the lead up to our meeting.

You can expect to see a couple of emails and some SMS’s.

calendar it

Make sure to click ‘Add To Your Calendar’. That way, you’ll be able to customize the event notification and click on the link to the event, directly from your own calendar. 

click on the link

When you see the confirmation email come through, you’ll see the ‘Riverside Meeting’ link. All you have to do is click on that link when you get your final reminder. It will come through as another email. 

cancel / reschedule

I know it’s unlikely, as you chose the date that best suits your schedule, however if you need to cancel or reschedule you can do so by clicking the Cancel/Reschedule link.

Podcast preparation

You should have already received a ‘Podcast Framework Doc’ sent to you for your upcoming podcast! 

If you don’t yet have this doc, please email [email protected] and request it.

Please watch this tutorial if you’re unsure.

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single episodes

You can expect a pretty casual conversion. The goal is to entice curiosity, educate and inform. Some general things I like to discuss, include: 

Here are some single podcasts you can listen to: 

Become a Home Service Millionaire
with Tony Mello - Episode 191
The 1 Page
Marketing Plan
with Allan Dib - Episode 183
Zero to $850,000
in 2 years
with Peter Norton - Episode 178
series episodes

Series follow a framework that normally comprises around 3-4 podcasts.

Each podcast is specific to one topic to avoid confusion and to keep the listeners focused. Below is an example of a series that I’ve done in the past.

Series name: Scaling your business from $500k to $5 million

TSS195 – Building Your One-Page Strategic Plan
TSS196 – Structuring Your Company for Maximum Productivity
TSS197 – How to Generate Rockstar Employee Applications
TSS198 – Maximising Gross Profit in Your Business

Each recording will be around 30-40 minutes in length, so be sure to block out your calendar as we’ll record them back-to-back.

Building Your One-Page Strategic Plan
Episode 195
Structuring Your Company for Maximum Productivity
Episode 196
How to Generate Rockstar Employee Applications
Episode 197
Maximising Gross Profit in Your Business
Episode 198
Things we’ll need from you
Pre-recording (ASAP)
  1. I’ll need a photo of you for the artwork.
  2. Any resources you want to share with listeners, so we can upload them to our site.

**We don’t chase you for these. If we don’t have them, your podcast(s) will go live without them.

Will you be sponsoring your podcast(s)?

You can now sponsor your podcasts with ads in order to reach your audience with your product.
You can lean more about that here – [LINK]

During the recording
  1. Please make sure that you are in a quiet room/space
  2. Make sure you have a good internet connection
  3. You’ll need to click on the link in your booking confirmation to open up the zoom link.
  4. Please have some microphone headphones (or something more advanced if you have access) to use. iPhone headphones are fine.
  5. Please be conscious of things like the rustling of paper on desks. People making coffee in the background, etc. Mics will pick that stuff up and it’s sometimes hard to edit.
  6. You’ll need a webcam for the video aspect.
  7. Note, if you don’t have a webcam, you can click on the link via your cell phone, or tablet and run the zoom meeting through your device. This is often a good option as phone cameras are brilliant.
  8. *You’ll need to make sure that your headphones connect to your phone/tablet if you choose this option.
What we ask of our guests
  1. As mentioned, in return, if you can share the podcast to your social groups and your newsletter.
  2. Please join our Facebook community and then, share it with your community. It’s ridiculously good.
  3. It takes a lot of time to produce a podcast. In return, we ask that you please take 5 mins to leave us a review on our platforms, as it helps us with our rankings.

Here are the links to those.
(You can leave them before we record.)

That’s it!

We’re looking forward to talking with you on the show. It’ll be a blast!

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