Our Roof Garden – The Story of 38 Westbury St, St Kilda East

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The Site Shed's podcast on the Roof Garden at 38 Westbury Street St Kilda East
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In this podcast, we learn about how a roof garden project turned into a community building exercise

Guest: Sonia Beder (Resident at 38 Westbury Street, St Kilda)

If you missed the last episode with Stuart Tyler from Fytogreen on ‘roof gardens’ and ‘garden wall solutions’, go back and check it out at [this link]. It was Stuart that put me in touch with Sonia and I’m glad that he did.

In the previous podcast we spoke about the wonderful world of green roofs and green walls, however in this podcast we hear about it from a different angle.

Today’s guest has ‘walked the walk’. Sonia Bedner resides at 38 Westbury Street in St Kilda East (Melbourne, Victoria), however unlike her neighbouring buildings, Sonia’s roof top has been turned into a roof garden.

Yes, that is a great story all by itself, however in this podcast Sonia shares with me the journey that 38 Westbury St enjoyed through out the process of transforming their otherwise unused rooftop into a flourishing ecosystem of flora and fauna.

We learn about the obstacles that had to be overcome, as well as the serendipities, including the incredible community that has developed and strengthened as a result of the project.

If you’re considering getting a rooftop garden on your property, this is the story you’ll want to hear.

You can check out 38 Westbury Street’s (awesome) blog at 38westburystreet.com.au.

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Part two of ‘The Grow Your Perfect Business Series’.
This is – Discover the ultimate business weapon, ‘Personality Profiling’

**Before we start, if you like to learn more about the personality profiling, here are some resources for you.

  • Episode TSS054 of The Site Shed podcast – Ever wondered why you annoy people so much? [LINK]
  • Personality quiz (from Personality Plus) – [LINK]
  • Discover your appreciation/ love language quiz (what makes people really tick) – [LINK]

Two simple books changed my life forever. And as a result, they are the two books that I’ve gifted the most over the years.
Personality Plus, by Florence Littauer and,
The 5 Love Languages, by Gary Chapman

Thankfully, we’re all different.
I couldn’t imagine living in a world that had two of me in it. I’m short tempered, I’m bossy, you can’t tell me anything and if you interrupt me while I’m ‘in the zone’, you’ll know about it.

As a young 20 something year old, living in Manly on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, I can confidently say I was completely arrogant and I didn’t really care that people knew it.

It wasn’t until I started venturing into business that my friend and colleague (Peter) pointed out to me the facts and recommended that I did something about it. Or should I say, he insisted that if I wanted to get anywhere, I needed to do something about it. You see, luckily for me, Peter and I had very similar personalities, however unlike me, Peter (15 years my senior) didn’t have anyone tell him at my age what he told me.

I am by no means the personality profiling guru, so I asked Peter to step in and answer some questions that I had in relation to personality profiling that was far beyond my pay grade.

If you like what Peter had to say, you can check him out further at his Leadership Consulting business, www.LeadershipDynamics.com.au, or his online leadership mentoring program www.Leading4Growth.com.au

You can also go back and listen to the series we recorded on Leadership last year.

I hope you enjoy this episode and once again, PLEASE leave us a review at iTunes | Stitcher | Soundcloud, or YouTube.


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