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Is your confidence in your marketing strategy weighing you down?

Reinventing your marketing strategy is easier to think about than to actually do. From lead magnets to checklists, changing the course of your marketing efforts in no time is not only possible, but it can also help you identify the elements that need your focus, stand out from the crowd, and establish
long-term customer relationships.

Nils Vesk, author of The Reinvention Sprint, takes innovation to the next level by empowering
entrepreneurs to reinvent their business processes, driving sales in the process. He shot to fame when he released his books, “Innovation Archetypes” and “Ideas with Legs.” With 2 decades of designing the framework of innovation, Nils has been sharing his knowledge with the world non-stop.

All ears? Get ready to snag the important points of this information-packed discussion. Let’s go!

What’s Discussed In This Episode:

0:00 Opportunity Analysis

1:54 Welcome to the podcast

3:54 Nils talks about his book, “The Reinvention Sprint”

4:15 How you can leverage on identifying your ideal customer

5:26 Marketing hack: profiling your trade customers gives you an edge

6:40 Why targeting a general audience won’t produce the same impact and results in trade business marketing

7:31 How to reduce turnover without affecting your profit margins

10:24 The right questions to ask to create the best “people magnet”

12:11 Identifying the pros & cons allows you to see things you should be looking at

15:14 Why you should invest in unique value propositions

19:30 Statistics: Reinventing yourself to set you apart from others

23:02 Standing out from the crowd: do video testimonials help?

20:39 Knowing your customer’s priorities helps you match your services with their values

24:32 Checklists & expectations: build a trusting relationship with your trades customers

30:30 The hidden value in educating customers & what it can do to your marketing strategy

32:17 Building trust using the Nurture and Conversion strategies

38:17 A simple technique that points out areas for improvement

42:33 Increase profitability with these 2 R’s

46:03 The real score between objections and innovation

48:38 Level up your marketing game with copywriting

About The Guest:

Nils Vesk is an international authority on innovation and the inventor of the ‘Innovation Archetypes Process’. He unpacks the million-dollar innovation principles used to create rapid growth for the future. An author of a number of books including “Ideas With Legs – How to Create Brilliant Ideas and Bring Them to Life”, and “Innovation Archetypes – Principles for World Class Innovation”.


Books Mentioned in This Episode:

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Thank you for tuning in! 

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