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Could Modular Building be the future? You decide.
By: Matt Jones

It’s no secret that I’m a pretty big advocate of innovation within the trades, which is why I was really excited to learn about modular building.

Now before we go on I need to clarify something. No, we’re not talking about living in shipping containers.

I’m always looking out for people and companies that have developed a cool angle on an existing product, or service. Here are another couple of episodes that have a really cool innovative spin:

I stumbled across ArchiBlox on an Instagram post a number of months ago (credit to the folks at Green Elec) and I was very impressed with their product.

Imagine being able to build a home from spec, have it built off site and then have it delivered to location on a truck and installed. Sounds crazy, right?

In this podcast, I do my best to dive as deep as possible within a limited time to ascertain the pro’s, con’s and processes of modular building with Bill McCorkell of ArchiBlox.

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Here are a handful of the topics that we cover in this podcast:

  • Quality control
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Structural integrity and loading capacities
  • DA and council related legalities
  • Insurances
  • Connection to other services
  • Limitations
  • Preferred locations/scenarios
  • Renovation possibilities
  • Comparisons to traditional development methods
  • Thermal advantages (heating/cooling)
  • Material sourcing
  • Installation costs
  • Maintenance costs
  • Purchase costs
  • Who would modular building suit?
  • What is the future?

This is a really cool podcast, with a really interesting man, who has an amazing product.

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You can get hold of the team at ArchiBlox at the following links.

Learn'n'ski 2017 - Hakuba, Japan

Ski the world - Grow your business - Make it tax deductible

March 4-10 2017. Hakuba, Japan
Limited tickets available 

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