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The 20-Year Journey to Becoming a Successful Builder

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The 20-Year Journey to Becoming a Successful Builder

Guest: Mat Dale of MPD Constructions Group

All beginners in business go through a rough start. Even the most successful entrepreneurs of today faced obstacles and speed bumps along the way. How can you learn from their experiences?

Mathew Dale of MPD Constructions Group joins us in today’s episode. He will talk about casting a vision for your business and how to make the right decisions in every situation. He will also talk about the importance of learning and adapting to give your business the best possible chance.

If you’re still new to the industry and need help eliminating speed bumps in your business, tune in to this episode. We will share relatable stories and proven business models to guide you on your journey.

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About this podcast, ‘The 20-Year Journey to Becoming a Successful Builder’

Podcast Highlights:

  • 07:41 – Targeting and marketing to the right clients
  • 11:50 – The importance of asking ‘awkward’ budget-related questions before taking on a client
  • 16:47 – How Mat continually improves and optimizes his business processes
  • 30:33 – Being selective about whom you work with and gaining your clients’ trust
  • 39:31 – Creating content on your website vs. social media
  • 41: 48 – The importance of storytelling and case studies in your content
  • 46:20 – Why you should learn where your business stands from a cash flow point of view
  • 56:15 – The most significant obstacles Mat encountered and how he overcame them

This episode focuses on how constant, open communication eliminates business bottlenecks. Mathew explains how he gets feedback from his clients and creates content proactively.
He also emphasizes the importance of understanding your financials. If it’s not your expertise, you can get an accountant or invest in tech tools to manage your cash flow.

About Our Guest

Mat Dale is the owner and Managing Director of MPD Constructions. At 17 years old, he started his building career as an apprentice carpenter, refurbishing homes in Sydney. He built MPD Constructions in 2001. Since then, he has expanded his experience and knowledge to residential, commercial and remedial building works.

You can contact Mat on LinkedIn. You can also reach MPD Constructions at [email protected].

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